Intimacy Through Strength and Sacrifice

I have set before you my life as an example.. by doing this I have created a intimacy with you.. I have shown you my trueself with all of my imperfections.. I have worked through shame, I have shown you pain and sorrow.. We have laughed together at the ironies of life.

By doing this I have sacrificed my privacy to show you how we are connected by the human experience..I have had to be strong in my convictions and I have braved many people who would rather have me not speak my mind or my truth.. but if I don’t who will? If I can stand my ground and be my true-self than others can follow and walk beside me along this path.

Let me hold you by the had.. walk beside me and not behind as I am you and you are me. Watch as the path unfolds before us in our walk of faith..I will take us through the looking glass.. I will take us home to the spirit..I am only here to show you how, as many have forgotten.

There are many great minds that have done their best to educate and to remind the human race of the old wisdoms.

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of Analytical Psychology.. he viewed the human psyche to be by it’s nature religious…meaning that our psyche could reason with the unseen forces of the Universe. He researched dream anaysis though symbolization and he explored Eastern and Western philosophy. He studied Alchemy- the blending of the Universal Opposits- dark and light- male and female- left and right blend the opposites would be to create universal balance and harmony. It is believed to be the path home to the center of creation ( the garden ) Carl Jung studied astrology- how the movements and the placements of the heavenly bodies or planets and stars affected the personality or the world collective experiance and percetions.

He believed that literture and the arts could help heal the damaged psyche.

Sybolisum existed before the writen language and it was believed and still is believed to be the expression of the soul

The Achetypes are the personality templates of the human experience.. they are understood by the Collective Unconciousness.. The Sea of Souls.

Carl Jung was a Scientist and a Spiritualist, he wished to merge science and faith together as a true Alchemist would.. to do so would be to bring about Universal Harmony and balance.

Albert Einstein was a physicist who developed the Qauntum Theory. Through this theory he established the Universe as a whole due to Particle Theory and the Motion fo Molcules Theory.

I will break this down for you in it’s most basic form;

By our existance we change reality by our own observation; our energy merges with the energy that surrounds us. The Universe is us and we are the Universe, so our thoughts, actions and intentions change and make our reality. We help ; all of us together help to make-up existance. We are all linked-up like the particles of energy that spin the Universe into existance.. we are these paticles or molecules of energy. I am you and you are me.

I am using this genius; shown through these incedible men to establish a path and to connect the dots to the spiritual; to give relevance to these writings and to show you that these theories have existed through time through thousands of years.. In our superfical world handed to us through the media we have forgoten the old wisdom that can be seen in nature around us.

The occult as it is called is the starting piont for all major religions.. it has been shown that the old occult symbolisum is the launching point for many spiritual and religious practices.. we labed everything with words later on in hour history so that we could communicate more effectivly and so that we could share our ideas and thought with more organization but in doing so we started to but things in neet little boxes and books. We soon labled their religions as wrong and some spirtual practices as evil.

Carl Jung studied the Tarot and the Runes as a way to go even deeper into the old world wisdoms of the Archetypes so that he could go even deeper in to the mysteries of the soul. It is believed that the Tarot is the symbolisum of all world religions.

The images that I am placing in this post are of THE HANGED MAN.. he is seen as Jesus, in his sacrifice of his own life and ego to free the world of sin. He is seen as Odin on the Yggdrasil or World Tree calling up the Runes- the symbols of the Gods needed to help enlighten man. He is also seen as Budda who is enlighted under The Bodhi Tree.

I bring up this image as this is what I have done in exhibiting my life for you.. the tree is meant to hang upon as one releases the self for self-reflection, letting go of ones identity for the greater good. I am not saying I am Jesus, I am just saying this is an Achetype that I have called upon with in me to do this work. As it is not just about me but it is about ALL.

The next Tarot image is the STRENGTH Card.. this is the image of inner strength of the taming of the ego or the inner beast.. as I have done as well in this writing.. she is beautiful; but strong in her ablity to stand her ground no matter what life throws her way.

We all have these Achetypes within us to call upon when needed; this is about the human experience.

I used my life experiences to build this bridge that we are crossing now.. to so that I could take you deeper into the spiritual relm without shocking you along the way.

To all of those who hurt me that I wrote about; I am grateful for the lessons and I wish them only the best. We all walk together as souls. We all learn together at our own pace.

I contacted everyone that I wrote about on this blog in some way or another, not to show revenge but to let them know as knowlege is power. My life is my perception their lives are their own perceptions. It is not my right to tell them or anyone how to think or how to feel or how to be in this world. As Albert Einstien says ” THERE IS ON RIGHT OR WRONG THERE IS ONLY PERCETION”

Lucifer’s girlfriend called me last night.. she had left some crude comments on the blog that I could not publish.. she left me many angry text messages; but when she called my cell I took her call. She had a right to speak her mind and to give me her oppinion. She is a valuable person. When I wrote the story and commented on how ulgy she was compared to me; the story was meant to show my ego in full-swing as all of us were acting on at the time. I just want her to know that she is a very beautiful person; she is a soul on a journey the same as me and you; I wish for her all the best and send to her all the love that the Universe as to offer. That love is limitless as is her potential and I hope in time she grows into a mature and brave woman.. she is so young.. only 19.. she has much to learn and far to go.. but I wish for her a great adventure as life is an adventure.

To all the men that have hurt me ( EVEN THE SHARK AND THE BUTCHER ) I wish them all of this love too.

I have faced my shadows through them and I hope to bring their shadows into the light as well. To face our deepest darkest parts of our personalities is to bring them into he light were these shadows can be enfolded into the light becoming light instead of darkness. The darkenss can not live in the light of awareness.. the light of awareness distroys all negativity.

To face weakness we show each other the way to the truth and the light.