Oh to contemplate infinity.. were to start.. first with the symbol of infinity the # 8 turned on it’s side.. this is the number of abundance and endless possibilities as this is what infinity is.. it is nothing=everything and everything=nothing.. if you look at the symbol were the lines meet in the middle; if you were to crop this it would look like and X marking the spot were the treasure of the infinite is propelled out from the center.. the center is the symbol of the # zero which really isn’t a number at all as it holds no value.. as it equals nothing.. but the zero is infinite is that it holds place value ( lol.. following me here.. sorry lol )

The place value is that it holds the other numbers up to equal lesser or greater value.. this is the nature of infinity..( sorry I love this ) this is the number of infinity on the digital clock 10:01.. the 10 the completion the 01 the begining of the journey.

to look at the symbol of infinity is to see that reality, space, time and mass all conjuction to meet at nothing.. making everything come together to become NOTHING…ahh does this mean that there is no mass, space, time or even reality.. or does this mean that when they join they creat timelessness.. does this mean that nothing is realy as it seems that we are deluding ourselves into precieving reality?..( I love this…mind bendinding isn’t it? LOL)

Zero is the womb waiting conception…10 is the conception brought to fruition and one is the conception..( interesting isn’t it?).. Infinity is based on numbers.. negative and postive.. when they pass through the conjunction of infinity.. the cross roads on the path to nowhere and everywhere they become Zero.. they become the possibility of negative or postive numbers or experience.. or time, or space or mass…

Is the journey ever really complete? Has it ever even been started? Does time hold a place in the everything or is it nothing at all.. if everything is nothing and nothing is everything then the possibilies are endless.. limitless.. fanthomless…

I hope I gave you something to think about LOL