When I first moved to the townhousing complex of Glenview Gardens I had high hopes of a fresh new start for my kids and myself.. I was so happy to be around people and other mothers.. I was happy that my kids had tons of kids to play with and that we lived right in the middle of City of Kelowna…close to shopping and the beaches..there was so much promise..even for me to find some work.. just a part time job until my youngest went to kindergarden..

I ment Carrie first..she seemed a little highstung but..nice and fun..then Jess.. who seemed kinda sad but down to earth..then Julie..who was very reserved and I thought insecure as she tied to put on the perfect and tough way to strong.. Barb was the preacher’s daugher..very clean cut and innocent..but nice… Marrisa was young and immature in many ways..the type that would talk about everyone else but not see any fault in herself at all or her kids or everyone else had issues and problems but her..

I have made two good friends..a couple that are very open-minded and well educated..but the-salt-of-the-earth type..very real, very honest..

But the five women are not so much..Barb is quite innocent..and just under a strong influence of the others..

Julie can be cruel in the way that she invited me to a party but didn’t ask me to come..when she threw the party.. she invited half the kids to a halloween party… half the kids in the hood were not invited including mine..after she told me she was going to invite them..but I never would have let them go knowing that only half the kids in the hood would go..I think exclusion is cruel..and I think she fears exclusion and she has been excluded herself and that is why she does this to must of happened to her as a child..this summer she brought out blankes and a huge platter or two of food..right in the common area..around all the children..but only a select few were aloud to have any.. my daughter asked me if she could have some..” yes it is ok for her to” Julie said and so Robyn did..but Julie’s son didn’t know Robyn was aloud and told on her to his mother!..I was so hurt..not for myself but for all the kids..that this exclusion was taking place..this pick and choose who was worthy to have their was just I love all kids..and I just could feel how horrible it was…

I could tell right away that Carrie was competative against me..not by my doing I only wanted to be her friend..but when she found out one night that I was at Julie’s and having fun..while she had to stay in with her kids cause her husband was working out of town…she said ” I heard you all laughing last night..and it really bothered me that you were there.”..OWCH!

Her husband is a horrible flirt..they were both on my facebook when I posted (THE DIVINE FEMININE..1-5).. I gave two warning post so there was no excuse for her husband to be second from the top in viewing these post..he was working out of town..and on his facebook at the end of that evening when I had finished posting all of them..he wrote ” I had a great night!”..because I could see him second to the top all night I knew what that meant..but their marrage problems are theirs not mine..I put up the warning post to respect those who wouldn’t want there partners to view is not my fault if they didn’t understand the meaning behind..the writing or the images..instead on my facebook.. he called me ” man crazy” he told me that I needed to stop putting so much energy into men and start being there for my children as they needed their mommy.. he says he didn’t call me a bad mother..but what else could I be if I was doing those things..

After I posted (THE DIVINE FEMININE)..Jess gave me the cold shoulder walking the kids to school..Carrie gave me the cold shoulder when I said hi to her in the kids school and then at the playground..with another one of Carrie’s friends that I remember her saying that she could see me on Barc and Carrie’s facebook..well her,Jess, and Carrie all gave me dirty sideways glances as they tittered and talked about.. guess what ME! was horrible..suddenly I was wearing the scarlet letter..SLUT!

Thats is when I confronted Jess..and she told me I was selfish..that I was a selfish mother and then on Facebook Barc said the rest..Marrissa..added her about saying I wasn’t being judged just that they were giving their oppinions of Barc has been in prison in the recent past..Carrie swears like a trucker..their kids do as well..and their kids are violent..Marrisa..has admitted to being bisexual…(Not that I have a problem with that)..and she smokes pot in the house with her young children..Julie is as insecure and plays the victim….Barb worries about her husband watching porn..and Jess is terrified of being a single mother and her husband fucking around and leaving her for a hotter chick….the PIONT IS….HOW DARE THEY JUDGE ME!..SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK!

Carries husband is hard ass..and a horrible flirt..she married him that is not my fucking problem..I am not flirting back..I don’t want the jerk..those are their problems.. yet I am being bullied now when I walk the kids to school..

Carrie walks by me..and looks me in the eye with a big smile and says ” GOOD MORNING” in a super cheerful voice and then she says ” TYLER” to my son.. my four year old son.. using him to manipulate me!

Then when I am at the school..who ever I am talking to..she interupts the converation an takes right over!

When Jess is walking alone she starts to Text her on her phone!..Its fucked up

Then just this morning..just this very morning.. I am walking the kids to school and Jess, Carrie and BARC..are walking the kids..and just last night Barb took herself off my facebook..( I am sure they are all aware of it)..and Barc says ” Hi Grace.” ya right..They walk slowly infront of me so that I have to wait at the light with them..and then he says..” so how have you been?”..I don’t answer of kids are right there..I am not going to be fake infront of my kids..they know what he said and they know what they all did..the he answers for me “GOOD..thats GOOD”.. I just ignore them as do my kids,,they say good buy as they cross the light…

But ya.. I am bullied..these are the mean girls..and I am just to real..I just will not let them run my life..tell me who to be or what to do or what to think..they want to put their problems and insecurities on me…but I can see it..

I put on a community picnic this summer…for the townhousing complex and all of them gave me grief about it in some form or another.. or they just refused to show up…

I know they are trying to push me get me to move..they are bullies