If George Stroumboulopoulos was my boyfriend


This is of course, hypothetical .. George isn’t going to be my boyfriend.. most guys with ordinary lives who are not celebs don’t want to be my boyfriend once they find out about my book and website because they see me and this as socially unacceptable; many guys that find out about what I do look at me like a wild cat through the scope of gun.. ” I have you on target you crazy, reputation destroying wild bitch.. stay the fuck back” those are the looks I get.. or look like ” She so pretty and cute.. she seemed so nice and normal..then I found out what she does..she is nuts!”

But looking at my life through  rosy colored glasses is so much sweeter.. kinder and loving. So if George was my George what would my life look like?

{My city, my country and the world would see me with relevance and awe.. they would say ” She is really talented, what a great writer, she is brave and beautiful ..she is special and that’s why George loves her.” Everyone that rejected me in my community would be so sorry.. oh how sorry they would be ..because George would bring me to the world stage to tell my stories of struggle of the underdog.. I would tell on them all.. I would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth..the truth is like a lion.. it would be frightening and bold.. raw and brutal..but it would simply be the truth.. yes they would be so sorry.

They would be sorry for their prejudice and sorry that they couldn’t take it all back.. and it would be my story and my strength their weaknesses.. George of course would say to me ” Gracie be the bigger person and forgive them, let them in now that they have been made aware of their wrong doings.” because George is all about enlightenment and peace..

He would save the day.. because of him he would help save the world by giving me a media platform to unleash my message of women’s equality through the freedom of their sexuality..and all the world would be in wonder of the perfect love story..and of the Knight in Shinning Armour that really came through for The Damsel in Distress..

The media would love it.. even the American media would fall in love with Gracie and George.. fall in love with love and justice. We would travel the world empowering women with the message. George through empowering women through music and me through writing, painting, dancing and other forms of expression.. }

So that is a nice fantasy isn’t it.. ?

It is sad to say that still in this day and age a woman like myself doing something totally different, bold and brave.. breaking glass ceilings.. smashing dogma.. just doesn’t stand a chance in today’s world without male approval or some form of male protection..

I am seen, instead as a lazy, single mother/artist wanna be slutty whore.. “Putting it out there” for male attention and just to feed my own ego by expressing my sexuality .. instead of as a woman bravely burning a new path for other women and society..

Because I am all alone in this.

I just switch into the fantasies to help me cope with the hard cold realities.

And now my haters will put a spin on this that I am an obsessive, crazy bitch for writing this.. isn’t that just crazy?