I love Tinkerbell.. I see her as a metaphor for me..as I am sure many see themselves in Tinkerbell.. tiny, tough and sweet..but bitchy.

She has attitude. You can’t touch Tinkerbell, she has to much spirit..spunk and she is fiesty as hell. You wouldn’t want to piss her off..there is no telling what she is capable of..I think she surprises herself to.

She is sexy.. in a tomboy cute way..every man’s best friend and every mans worst nightmare..as she is not willing to put up with your shit but she has plenty to give you.

She is not Wendy..she doesn’t want you to grow up.. she wants you to be her best friend … she wants to play, in and out of the bedroom..she is a sexy little thing.. she wants to fly.. to touch the sky..and she wants to help you fight the bad guys.

Tinkerbell doesn’t need your rescue..she wants to rescue you from your stupid self..to stop you from growing old and placing yourself on the self..

She says ” Lets fly Peter Pan.. I will never grow up!”

She doesn’t understand boring people and their boring bullshit talk..she yawns and flys away to were the adventure is.

She is all about adventure..always she questions everything… She wants to know why everyone is so ordinary.. why do they want to grow up?

Ok.. yes there is responsibility..we all need to eat..we all need a place to sleep..but once all that is taken care of, why does everyone want to stay in one spot?

She wants to travel..she wants to find anventure..she wants to touch the stars and fly high sparkling through the night sky..

She wants to cause trouble..just for something to do..and she knows your board and secretly you want her to.. you want her to make you just a little upset.. just to wake you up from your ordinary ways and your ordianry days.. you know you secretly what her to, be mischief. You like it when she doesn’t listen.. you like it when she fights back..and she likes a good spanking..she is pushing you to do it.

She is very naughty this tiny little drama queen..she doesn’t like to be catty bitchy.. she likes the tomboy ways of throwing your stuff right back in your face..secretly you love it.. you love her fiesty little spirit.. it’s sexy as hell when the little bitch stands up to your shit.

She is sexy..cause she is very comfortable being that way..she knows it as fact..she loves to be fit..she likes it and you like that she can physically keep up with you in everyway..that’s why she is so much fun.

She is fun.. she pokes fun at you all the time..getting under your skin just enough to keep you interesting.

She is a saucy little bitch..someone to contend with..she is all and more then you think she is..

Like I said she always surpises herself..

She just loves to raise a little hell..

Just for fun!