I Want My Sister To Know.. I love her

When we were little girls we were best friends.. we were tomboys.. we loved to play Amazons… catch all the boys and put them in a mock cage..and then make them do stuff for us.. like make the play fire, fix the fort..and go hunt us down some dinner.. That usually meant they had to go home and beg their mother for treats and bring them back to the fort..

We used to go frog hunting… bird nest raiding and … yes even fishing..we even baited our own hooks..we were hardcore tomboys..we would ride our bikes with packs of boys..and we would play catch with them too..we loved riding horses and going camping..

Our best friends name was Selene..we would fight over her attention..my sister and I could always really fight..but we could always laugh hard.. when we do get along we still do.. just laugh like we are 10 years old gain sharing a pack of mini jawbreakers.. but since I posted my sexy Miss Sassy Pants bedroom photography on this blog and on facebook everything changed.. but in saying that our relationship became strained in early adulthood..

I used to be the miss goody two shoes..as my sister was the wild one.. she was married way to young..and she had a hard time with her then acholic husband..but I too was with an acholic.. I didn’t marry him or have children with him like my sister had done..but our lives did mirror each other that way..

Our life paths seemed to split as I didn’t have children early on..and I could party..go to college and so on.. not saying she didn’t do those things eventually but.. our lives at that time took different turns.. After I left my guy I partied hard.. and I worked hard.. life was never easy and I had lots of heartache..but I had tons of fun.. but my sister had young children and a baby.. It was hard for her then being a single mom..but she did get into other relationships but none was the one..

I met my husband and married him.. my sister became single in that time frame..and soon I was the one having the children and she was working and having fun..and still being a mom of older children then….

Then my sister remarried.. the marrage that she is in today.. is the old school type.. very religious and very tight…
I am not saying that is wrong just stating the differences in our lifestyles once again..as my marriage ended and I remade myself into the wild and free woman I am today..

I think that it is too much for my sister to take..as our lives are like night and day.. we are total polar opposites..that is so true… She is the lady that works at church..and is acceptable as far as society is concerned,,and there isn’t anything wrong with that.. I am just stating the differences…

I am the single wild cat.. I am looking for fun.. but being resposible as I am the mother of three young children.. I don’t go out to bars an pick up strange me..( just men I know…hahahahh just kidding).. I drink rarely and when I do drink it is responsibly..but I do have fun..with my pole dancing class..and other sexy dance classes that I am looking into.. I love adventure.. I am a free spirited artist.. looking for the newest way to express myself as I did with my photos..on this blog and facebook..

But to my sisters concervative lifestyle.. it seems as I am a threat..as she is concerned how my antics will rub off on how other’s see her.. as you can see who I am is not my sister and vice-versa.. we are total opposites..

I guess she may see me as the Devil..and herself as the Angel.. but I don’t mind I know that I can be both..as for her I can not speak..as it is her life..

I want my sister to know, that I love her.. I have never stopped loving her even though she has told others that I am crazy..and I suppose in her defense I am crazy..as she could never see herself living the life that I have chosen to live..

I just hope that she will release me from herself..to be at peace with the fact that my life is my own as is hers..and that whatever I do or do not do doesn’t reflect on her in anyway..

Christina.. I just want you to know that it is safe to love me back.. I don’t think anyone will think less of you if you do..

But even if you can’t show me love..or respect me as the person that I am.. I am still loving you back..

We have lost one sister I think that is enough..don’t you?