I Wanna Know

How do people just have sex with other people and walk away like it was just exercise?? Who the hell coined the phrase….( lets play ) when they want to have sex with each other… who the fuck are these people? I don’t understand it! I remember going out dancing one night and listening to a couple of men talking loudly over the music.. they were taking about finding unsuspecting women to fuck around with cause their wives ( who were sisters ) were big, pregnant and boring at home.. Who are these people?

Why the hell do men think that a woman getting angry is forbiden.. WTF… WHAT THE FUCK.. why can’t I say WHAT THE FUCK without being a bad girl.. I am not out there in the world breaking up someones marriage.. taking advantage of a bad situation between a couple so I can find opportunity with some elses husband! Why can’t I question the fucking world with the word fuck if I want to? Why can’t I get mad if men use me for sex without seeming like a woman on the edge of insanity? WHAT THE FUCK!

I can’t just have sex with someone without making love.. if you slept with me you would be made love to.. but I can’t seem to get it back in turn… WHAT THE FUCK!

OHHH yes spicy punctuation!!! I know I have a good use of th english language and that I can articulate well but WHAT THE FUCK is like fucking music.. it holds a beat end a tempo of it’s own sometimes and sometimes only WHAT THE FUCk will do.

Why is it that the men will only read my writing when I put my sexy pictures up WHAT THE FUCK again!

Why is it when I put up my sexy pictures I get their attention but only a fraction of their respect! this time short hand WTF!!!!!

A guy messaged me on Plenty of Fish about my sexy pictures up on the site.. he said he would have more respect for me if I hadn’t of put them up.. I said MADE YOU WRITE ME DIDN”T IT… SWEET HEART.. ya cause he called me sweet heart.. why because the pictures are SEXY thats WHY… so again for you and for me..WHAT THE FUCK people.. WTF!!!

Were am I a going with this.. right now I don’t care.. is just wanna Say………………WTF… what the fuck…fuck

Just because I am a pretty little woman doesn’t mean I can’t say it again..WHAT THE FUCK

And if you think it gives me less class and dignity…………..WHAT THE FUCK….stop it! Stop the double standard

Stop putting me and other women between a rock and a hard place with this bull shit.. I AM A WOMAN WITH CLASS.. attitude…smarts and humor..saying……………WHAT THE FUCK!

If you don’t like it check yourself! What is your problem with it? What is your conditioning to think that I; a woman as a mother.. as a person can not say…..WHAT THE FUCK!

OK OK OK LOL…when do I get; when do women like me get.. when do your daughters..sisters.. mothers.. grandmothers and grandaughters.. get a fricken break here… when do we get our freedom to spicy punctuation….when does the birka come off?.. when is the veil of secrecy lifted.. when do we get to be people?

When does the world respect us for being us?