Being 41 is the very best…I can see through the games and I know when I am in a test..I can see the test of will coming at me from all angles.

That is why I am still single

Most young women have not figured out how to master their emotions and so men know how to use their emotions to play with their rational thought.

I don’t have that problem at 41..I can see it coming hun!

I can see you trying to make me feel insecure as you tell me about all of the pretty women that came before me..this my dear is just so elementary to me!

Your silly!

I must Confess that when you say that I must like it this are that way…I know you want me to say it is so..to tell you of all the men that came before you…

And I know why…you silly guy

You want to use my sexual past against me when you see fit..when you need to make a quick exit!

I see you..crystal clear..sweet little dear.

Little do you know..that I laugh at this after you go..because it is just so childish!

When you find that you can not have your cake and to eat it to…a little temper comes roaring out of you!

Oh yes I saw it coming to!

I can’t help it, you make it so easy! Just when you tried to treat me like I am sleazy..

You make it so breezy to slam the door on your ass

I can’t help it..it still makes me laugh!