I Forgive Him







He was told not to cry. He was told to hide his feelings. He was told to be strong. He was told to be a super hero. He was shown how to disconnect from his heart. He was shown that his worth was in the amount of money that he made and the amount of things that he could purchase with his money. He was taught that he could purchase me if he made enough, if he had enough, if he competed enough, if he won enough..he was taught, he was told that this would make him KING. The stress of the world was put upon his shoulders.. his heart wavered. His rational mind took over.. yet all he ever wanted was love.

I forgive him… and I hope he will forgive me.





I hope he will forgive me for my anger. I hope he will forgive me for not seeing past the illusion of the world. I hope he will forgive me for warring against him.. and so it is that I disarm him with this love.

He is the soldier, the grunt, the dog-face, the gunner.. he has the blood-lust written on his face..the fight..a constant fight..one that can not be won when the heart has turned to stone.

I soften him now..with this..with compassion..to remind him that he is human and that his heart and the connection to his heart is all I ever wanted.  I am gentle now as I show him that I am his people..that I am the other half of what he has always missed.

I ask him to forgive me too as I have forgotten this..that I am him and that he is me..as the heart has two chambers the brain two sides.. we are one in this life.

I was taught that you are the head..and I am the heart..but this was a lie of religion to split us apart..for we are of the same mind and we are of the same heart..let us never again be torn apart.

We are one..we are solidarity

Let no dogma..no propaganda come between us again

We are love

And I love you dear man.