I am in love with love. I have to be honest with me.. I have always been. It isn’t about just getting love from others.. more importantly it’s about giving love to others. I love to love! I love to make others happy.. I love to help others feel love..that feeling when all is right with the world..when nothing can go wrong..when you burst out in song as step right into your favorite dance move. That feeling when you have a smile plastered accross your face..when there is nothing anyone in the world can do to erase that sparkling feeling in you…that’s the love I like to share!

I am in love with love..I always will be.. I want to put that strut in your stuff..that giggle in your laughter.. I want to be there when you find your happily ever after… I want to give it to you.. wraped up in shiny red wrapping paper with a shinny red bow.. I want to watch your face as it lights up with pleasure.. I want to see your suprise when it turns out to be exactly what you were after.. I want to be your wish come true..and I want to be the one to give it to you!

I want to see your dreams come true.. I want to be the one to support you.. to help you up when you feel so down..when others push you around I want to be the one to help you stand your ground…because love is actions.. love is kind words.. love is gifts given strait from the heart and most of all love is in the soft sweet touch.

I want to be the one to brush the tears from your cheek.. I want to be the one who has the soft shoulder to cry on.. yes it will be me.. because I am in love with love..

They say.. you know what they say… ” Protect your heart..be smart…don’t give love away.”.. ” don’t take chances don’t take risk or they will break your heart.”

They were right.. My heart was broken and it has been broken..but you know what I can say? Because you broke my heart I know I have a heart so I have even learned to love the pain!.. Isn’t it great?!.. I may have been raw..left bleeding and broken but I know I have a beautiful loving heart because I can feel.. I CAN FEEL PAIN!.. How can I know love.. How can I know it is real if I can’t tell what it is..the pain.. YES THE PAIN HELPED ME TO KNOW LOVE!..what better way..than to cry sweet tears of sorrow as they show that you know what it means to love.

I can’t help it..and I don’t want to! LOVE IS MEANT TO GIVE AWAY!

That is the story of love.. it is a Love Warrior’s Way.. to go in with your heart on your sleeve… unprotected in the plain light of day.. with the intention of giving love away..to live for love.. just for the sake of the feeling..what other way could there be..but to love with your heart and your soul.. to take that breath taking leap of faith..

Oh yes only fools rush in.. both feet first..but is there really any other way.. I have tried to hide..but it brings me nothing..as nothing makes nothing at all..nothing but an ugly shade of gray..

Today I will paint on the canvas of life..bright bloody red..the color of life..the color of love, of passion at play.. because I chose to love.

When I love.. I will love in every way.. I will welcome each new day..as it means a fresh start in making love..making love in everyway..