I am Gonna Marry The Night… like Lady GaGa does..

Manipulate : Handle skillfully; control cleverly or deviously…

Mischief : annoying but not malicious behaviour; inclination to tease

My confession is this… I love attention and drama.. to a piont of course..because of my creative mind and soul I am inclined towards turning on the drama just for the pure love of it.. just to ignite the creative spark and also I love mischief.

There is manipulation in art..in all forms of art.. you take what ever creative element that you are given.. whatever materials and you shape them into your idea of beauty, expression or just plain fun….

I have done that with my life circumstances.. I have since I was a small child.. it is in my nature to do so.. it is how God or Nature put me together.. it is how my mind works..

I see the humor in almost anything.. and I can find away to manipulate the worst events in my life into something fun and playfull…sometimes yes I have to be devious.. or a little underhanded…but I can admit it to myself.. it is so much better than sinking away..all sad and depressed when you can manipulate and create things to your benifit..

I have always loved to stand out.. I have the performer in me.. I like to be seen.. I like to show off.. it’s just in my character..sometimes it works against me..as others may see me as arrogant and stealing the lime-light while there are some that find my antics for attention childish..

I am childish.. in many ways.. I can see the world as a child does..and to have fun one must be a child or be childish from time to time..

I love a challange..if someone plays games with me.. I will rise to that challange and do away with the game by out playing the other player.. most of the time it is very easy..as many people give their game away..to soon… but every once in while I am out played..like by my ex.. he has bigger guns and more ammo…cause he doesn’t play fair…

I do try to play fair.. I love the idea of Karma..and I love finding laughter when there doesn’t seem to be anyway that one can..

I guess my confession is this.. I am admitting my imperfectness creates perfection..

I have some funny emails that I sent to Mike…or to the email hacksawinc@hotmail.com

That is the email address that shows in my blog..comments on my email..the comments come from Jesus del Torro Jesus Ramses III

Kinda sounds like Mike got it from a bull fighter or a boxer.. anyway.. I am sure it is Mike..but hey..there might be someone in the Okanagan that has Shaw as their service provider with that name..that sounds like Mike..that commented very pissy on the blog right after we had our spat.. right? LOL.. I could be wrong..

When I think about me being wrong and emailing Jesus with these emails.. it makes me laugh even harder..seriouly funny shit..

K here are the emails

I must say.. that I am getting a kick out of this..cause it so ironic..don’t you think..a little tooo ironic.. I really do think..

I have your server identification on your comment address attached to my blog in my email..and your email address even if you changed it I could contact shaw at anytime and ask who’s email it is… cause it could be seen as harassment..that’s so fucking funny Mike..come on you know it is..

It so funny cause when I read the comments there are phrases in them that you use..and have used in conversation with me..and on messages on facebook..that is very funny..admit it!..It does make me laugh and smile..think about it .. it’s very funny..

As you felt the need to call the cops on me to stop me from unwanted contact..but you were contacting me on my blog under a false name….. hmmm kinda the pot calling the kettle black..IRONIC!

I think honestly… it’s cute!

I can’t help it… you are such a naughty boy MikeyI am adding this to my next post.. It is perfect for admitting my Drama Queen self..

Once again how A Drama Queen can turn shit into art..

I am expressing my love of manipulation.. it is my dirty little confession.. to being just like you…

You said you ran from women’s headgames.. YA AFTER YOU STARTED IT! LOL… You are so full of shit!

Maybe I will call the police maybe I won’t maybe I am just fucking with you…cause it amuses me..

Makes me gleeful actually…..funny isn’t..

The ART of Manipulation.. it is so sweet…

Like showing just enough breast.. just wearing shorts short enough..

Or …Ohh I can’t say it..it’s just to naughty…

Ok …nothings too naughty for me…..ummmmm..

Like you not pleasing a woman well enough..

Ohhh that was so manipulative..ohhhh so bitchy…

Just right!

I must say Mike

I am not thinking that we will get back together.. I am just enjoying having you by the virtual balls..

It is so funny.. you know I know it’s you..and you and I both know you can’t reply cause then you will be giving yourself up..

You thought you were such a smart ass.. you think that you are so smart..but it is very obvious that in spite of my bad spelling and my unwillingness to give a shit about citing my work.. I am so much smarter than you..fuck..it’s just so funny.. yes I have a huge ego.. I am proud..and full of my own NESS…that’s what I call it.. it is my smartness..stubbornness..funniness..silliness..and so on..

Its funny that I get to use all of this on the blog..as creativeNESS…hahahahahahahahhaah.. more NESS…

OH and MISCHIEVOUSNESS….hahahhahahahahaha…

It is all most to easy..and way to much fun

How do those balls feel Mike… a little tight ahahahhahahhaahahhaahhahahhahahahhhaahha

As you can see.. I am having fun.. poking fun

And that is how it is done.. I have turned a sad and heartbroken place.. into light hearted laughter and fun…

My Bad or my Good..?