How Society Views Women’s Sexuality


How Society Views Women’s Sexuality

This is what I have learned since putting up my website and writing my

By my personal experiences in the last year and a half.

– A woman that shows her breast is not to be taken seriously.

– A woman who expresses sexuality that is still considered sexually viable is asking to be sexually harassed and deserves it.

– A woman who uses sexual images of herself is asking to be spoken to as a sexual object. She is objectifying herself so she deserves to be treated as an object.

– A woman who is sexy cannot be professional.

– A woman being sexual is attempting to seduce men and confuse men with her sexuality.

– A woman going topless in her pictures is a whore and a slut; she is damaged and craves attention..( attention whore )

– A woman who is still in her sexual years expressing sexuality is a threat to other women as she is using her sexuality to compete against other women for men’s attention.

– A woman that expresses and teaches sexuality, using her own sexuality as an example is stupid, a bimbo and should be avoided least others should see you the same way by association.

– A woman showing too much flesh is has no morals, is loose, is not to be considered relationship material, she is asking to be used sexually so she deserves no respect.


I have been shown by the way others have treated me, talked to me or have ignored me, that because I show my nudity and express my sexuality that I am not deserving of common respect.

And we wonder why women are afraid to be free to express their sexuality and be comfortable in their own skin?

Gracie Ackerman