HEART… a romance?

If anyone should write this post it should be me… I have suffered a broken heart many times. I have been through much pain. In the last couple of years I feel as if my heart has been put on ice. As if I am emotionally in suspended animation..Frozen.

They say that men get this way.. no it is not just them. When someone has been betrayed..when someones trust has been used against them it causes this frozen emotional state..because it is safe.

It is so much safer to hold back. To just step away from being apart of a social life.. because it keeps me away from betrayal..it is my greatest fear. What was done to me is more than some can even begin to contemplate.. I am damaged goods. I have emotional baggage..whoever should chose to be with me faces a challange..the challange is to break the ice around my heart.. I am like sleeping beauty in away..the one that should awaken me will have to be very true..

In the fairy tails there is much symbology..the prince carries a sword of truth..he has a heart of gold..he has pure intentions.. he has a quest..and his quest is to save the princes from evilness. This is romance.. he braves her fears..he has the courage to push through the impossible. There were many princes that tried before, but they were not brave enough, pure of heart, they did not carry the sword of truth..( they lied to her ).. they did not commit to the quest..they were not determined enough as they did not have the strength of character.

These fairy tails hold some truth as it is only this type of man..the person that can truly win a woman’s heart..a heart that has been broken by her experiences in the world.. of old loves lost, of evil witches that were jelouse of her..that tricked her into eating poison apples..pricking her finger on poison spinning wheels.. they wanted her dead..as she was competion to them..she was what they wanted to be..as they were so unhappy and insecure within themselves..so they hate her and want her destroyed..these are the experiences of her life that this brave man has to cut through to get to her heart.

Her heart is so protected..that there is a dragon to fight as well..this is her own ego..this is what the dragon represents.. It burns with firery breath.. wanting to roast the dear prince right in his tracks..the ego dragon can not stand the fact that he should dare to enter in.. the ego dragon wants to keep the princesses broken heart from being broken again..as this is the princesses or woman’s ego..she will push him away if fear..fear of more betrayal..fear of more pain as her heart is so very vulnerable.. but he must push on.. if he is to win her love..he must be brave and believe in his convictions..that is to have the heart of true love.. to win..the most priceless gift..

A man knows that his kingdom is worthless with out a queen..to have to fight for her love makes it all the more valuable to him..as he lives for the quest..as his noble, golden heart aspires to the competion..as all real princes do.. He will win this love.. he will bring her to his kingdom..only a queen that could be his equal will do..

As a kingdom with out love..is an empty place.. he wishes to thaw the ice..slay the dragon..bring her through the gates on his white shinning horse.. his heart is golden, his motives are of truth.. he means to be the rescuer.. he will have his victory.. if he believes.

You may think this seems so silly but if you saw the prince as a man and the princes as a woman that has had a very broken heart..such as I.. you would see that this is the only way a man could win the trust and the love of a woman such as I.

Of course I am not the only one..as I write this..someone is rushing into the thorns that surround her heart.. he is being true.. he is holding fast..and he is running the dragon through with his sword of truth..he will win her love with truth and respect.. he will be the one.

When he brings her home..the prince will be a king and she his queen.