Loving The Dream




I met the man of dreams in the most unusual way. I sent him the link to my website by facebook and he messaged me back telling me that ” you are the Goddess I seek”

And so it was his words they were so sweet…about how we would bring forth a new reality..we would rock the world with our love.. he saw himself in me.. and I felt the stirrings of love..and I felt the walls around my heart fall..as he lifted me emotionally and he had me believe in love.

He didn’t have much money.. he was the romantic soul.. a starving artist..a writer and poet..but I did not care.. only wanted love.

It was then that we talked and we planned..and I scraped the money together to bring him to my land..I met him at the airport meeting him in the flesh for the first time.. oh how we wept..as we fell into each other’s arms..

We lost each other in each other’s eyes.. ohh heaven on earth.

It was then that we blended together or lives.. like the sun and the moon.. my life lived in the day and his in the night..but when we passed each other it was all in good time… independent souls..we let the wind dance between us and then we touched.. we made sweet love.. passion and paradise..the universe and the cosmos we climbed as we joined together as one..

And with the creative heart of passion that we shared.. and with the understanding of the wisdom of the spiritual world…we created a new concept… we wrote a book of love..with sensual images and with his art.. we created for other’s a understanding and wisdom of divine love.

Life was not easy..but we were equals.. understanding each other we gave room for forgiveness..and we lived and loved each other for forever and then the day after forever.


But in waking life..this never happened.. he decided .. after words of love.. not to take this action..not to live this dream.. and so it stays a dream that I love.


  • Noa

    The explanation is simple to me and chances are good that you can adjust the situation but you’ve got to want it and to learn some new tactics… looks like the guy did have some feelings but got scared from too much activity from you… he didn’t want to be pushed or controlled… he may feel very upset too right now… it all is in woman’s hands usually… it’s my personal opinion of course :> N.

  • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

    It is in his hands.. I could contact him through his art website..but to what point? If I did give him to much attention and it scared him then contacting him would just be more of the same. It is simply up to him. He scared me to, he was not giving me enough information about him, I have three young children to think of. Trust is something to build upon. I needed him to open up to me so that I could trust myself letting him not just into my life but the lives of my children. I have been single for 3 years..and yes you can tell by this blog that I have had experiences with men; but my children have not seen me with another man..since their father left. I needed him to respect the sacredness of my motherhood and the bond that me and my children have..the bond of protection by me as a mother and the unconditional love that we share.. this is what I was trying to get from him that he wouldn’t open up to. I am very practical and spiritual.. I can take risks..but I move within safe boundaries for me and my children. I know that for him, coming into a full on family life was a massive change; just as it would be for all of us..but he was being vague.. and for me as a mother.. it simply was not enough. Him blocking me off of facebook was a purely defensive move..I do realize it was fear..but men find it very hard to admit their fears..it is so much easier to blame a woman for being to controlling than to face that one is simply being human.. men are still evolving.. maybe by 12, 21,2012.. he and other men will be ready to meet their Goddesses..but for know it seems that her power is to raw… it will be up to him to prove me wrong.. I can do no more.. it is in his hands and up to him.. dying to himself.. to have the power to face love.