Grace is like Bridget Jone’s Diary

I am like Bridget Jones in the fact that I haven’t got a clue when it comes to men and dating…I feel exactly like she did in her movies.. It seems like I keep running into all the Daniel Cleavers or all the men that are just not right for me.. Bridget was a DORK just like me.. always wanting to see the best in men while ignoring what was right infront of her face the entire time.. Over the last year.. it has been a year of dating for me.. I have had the worst dating experiences EVER!!!

Most of you read about the Beautiful Dreamer.. the man that swept me up on a wing and a prayer only to send me crashing down to earth again and again. ( but I was stupid enough to let it happen; I am a dork ) then the Preacher, the high school crush that turned into a preverted relgious fanatic.. than LUCIFER.. WTF.. right? What happened there???!!! I told myself that he was the quiet sensitive type; but when he started to show me his true colors I refused to see them! WHY? Because like Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver she like to think she could handle a dare-devil without being honest with that fact that he was indeed THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH!!! The charming dare-devil turned out to be the worst type of pig! It was like a scene from Bridget’s movie.. she leaves the hotel room and the she changes her mind to find him with a whore.. yup same stupid scene…!!! Then the Victim.. well at least in my defence I didn’t sleep with him! But still WTF…

Then this weekend I meet a guy I could fall in love with only to see that in truth there was no chemistry due to a number of reasons.. ahhhhhh!!!

Yet like poor little Bridget in her granny panties I sit and ponder being alone writing in on my blog.. just like her in her diary.. the funny thing is, that I post it on facebook and a guy that doesn’t want to read my shit.. posted on my wall ” not everyone whats to read your diary” I FIND THAT SO FUNNY!!!!

Well I am sure it will just get more interesting as I am such a turkey.. I may be very spiritualy wise and I may have many talents.. ( I am saying that because many of you, my readers have told me so.. and thank you ) but the fact remains that I am a person, a soul walking a human existance and having a human experience the same as you.. and that keeps me humble and makes me laugh at myself a lot!!!

Well Mr. Darcy… my true love.. WHERE THE HELL ARE YA?!