Girls Night Out….

Our night started slowly..but little did I know it was going to end up being one of the best memorable nights out EVER! We started out at the local pub..and it was dead..and full of male comedians..that were horrible..all their jokes were about slamming women… about miscarrage..fat girls..just crap like that..and the comedians were all friends so they all supported each other in their horrible jokes..

Then Carmen said we should go to the local strip club..that it would be sure to liven things up..It was the Caddalac Lounge..were I had been before..around Christmas when I wrote the post ( The Christmas Spirit )..the place had scared me..but I would be going with two other women that were familiar with why not..I was better than being bord..right?

So I was the sobber I drove…We sat right by the stage..yup with all the howling men..It was funny to see how men just lost all their brains when a stripper put it right up in their face..holy was like they just turned into drooling cave men.. total weaknesses revieled..LOL

With me just taking up pole dancing..I was really watching to see what I could learn.. one of the strippers was amazing..I have never seen anyone so flexable, fit and strong..and I told her so.. it seemed that all three of us made friends with the strippers quickly as we cheered and offered them support..other than the howling men..hahahahha

Then close to the end of the night.. Carmen and Cathy..started to talk to one of the strippers.. I joked with her too.. I told her that I was taking pole dancing and our outstanding joke all night had been me saying ” I can do that..” everytime they did something amazing..of course I can’t do all of it just some..but it was funny as I was being a pain in the ass about it to Carmen and Cathy..

The stripper told me I should get up on stage and try some of it..I told her I would if she would dance with me..I said I wasn’t taking any clothes off..there had been a girl up earlier that got on stage that was not a stripper that took it all off for free..and all we could think was ” no..please don’t do it..” and when she did it was like ” ahhhhhhh, stop please.”.. and she wasn’t even being paid..

It wasn’t a clothes had to come off.. whew!…So the pretty young, hot blond stripper and me went up to talk to the DJ and the stripper picked the song..she said it was a surprise..just to wait and see..I knew the DJ too it turned out he lived right across from me..go figure? LOL

Then she walked me up on stage with her..and I thought to myself..if I am going up on stage I am owning this damn stage with her..and we are going to have fun…” Got the Moves Like Jagger” came on… How did she know it was one of my favorite songs…I strutted across the stage just like I had learned in class..the stripper strut..I looked at the stripper and she laughed and I laughed and the crowd when nuts! Carmen and Cathy yelled out their approval..and got up to dance below the stage..and we got our stripper moves one.. I spinned around the pole..” the fireman spin” and the stripper spined on the pole at the opposite end..we got down and mirror..imaged each other doing the ” kitty cat prowl.” we rocked our hips and stutted and squatted some more..and then she picked me up and I strattled her with my legs stait up in the air…and the guys when nuts!.. it was funny, sexy, cute and fun!

Then she put me down..she bent over and put her thong clad ass in the air and I smacked her as fast with both hands on either cheak..and the guys and the girls screamed out their approval..and then she spun me around I bent over and wiggled my boobs as she spooned me from behind..and grabbed both of my boobs in her hands and jiggled them too..everyone was laughing and cheering and was just so..SOOOO..much…FUN!

We pranced around the dance floor some more and swung around the poles..and then Cathy handed me a 5 dollar bill.. I faced the stripper and bent forward with my ass in the air and my arms swung out..and put the money in my mouth..she knew what to do..she did the same pose and with her mouth took the money from mine.. OH the laughter and the aplause that was just perfect as if we had planned it..

When our dance was over..Carmen and Cathy had, had a blast..watching me shake my ass with the stripper in my Wonder Woman shirt and cowgirl boots…I didn’t even lift my shirt or show any skin..the dancing was so cheaky and fun didn’t have to happen..

The guys in the club hi-fived me..telling me that I had guts..and that it was so much fun to watch..and I let the stripper have the 5 bucks..she wanted me to have it..but I told her she just gave me a pricless memory..and I insisted that she take it…

Thanks to Carmen and Cathy for such a fun and amazing night..

It was the best Friday the 13th ever..who knew..the day would be like that!!!?