Gaia’s Song

Gaia’s Song

In your greed you have forgotten,
In your greed you have lost you way,
In your need to be put above others,
You have gone astray.

In your race towards fame and fortune,
You have become bitter and selfish,
You have put you wants above justice,
You have learned to lie so well,
You don’t even see yourself.

Your need to own me and society,
Has brought such great suffering,
Your children are raped and beaten,
You women are owned and berated,
The old are put away and forgotten,
You have brought in shame.

My skin you have polluted,
You pour oil in my waters,
You spill your chemicals in my veins,
You build up concrete on my meadows,
And you alter what was perfectly made,
You say you do these things to make life better,
But you believe your own lies,
As all you do is just for your own gain,
Everything is just to own the masses,
But evil is what you have created,

Children starve worldwide,
They are left in graves unmarked.
You will never know their names,
You will never feel their mother’s pain,
As you turn a blind eye,
You are cruel and so jaded,

I call to you my children,
I call to you as it is almost too late,
In these unmarked graves of you women and you children,
I have placed you name,
I am Mother Nature,
I will have the final say,

You have been so arrogant,
You have turned into my cruel children,
Do you really think that it go on much longer,
You have become my cancer,
This disease you have created,
You are my cancer,
With your evil cruelty to one another,
You have polluted reality,
I will shake you from my skin,
As all creation must go on without you,

Did you really think you are my own children?
The world is teaming with life other than yours,
I will cut you out like a bad cancer,
Like the parasite that you have become,
I will do away with this evil.

You fear hell,
You fear damnation,
But it’s your fear you have created,
You have dug your own graves,
You have created your own karma,
And I will give you your way,

You can save yourself by your own hand,
If you learn to become a hero,
If you do to help others,
If you lift up the weakest ones,
If you can feed the starving children,
By loving the women that created them,

This how you will change this imbalance,
By doing good just for the sake of doing,
By spreading love instead of greed and hate,
Stop trying to own the world,
Stop trying to take all there is to take,
Share with one another,
This is the only way,

Greed is you undoing,
Greed has caused this hate,
Greed has caused all the killing,
Religion has just been you excuse,
To execute the blameless,
To bring the balance back you must be honest,

Be honest with yourself,
Be honest with your ego,
Be honest with you manipulations,
Be honest with you motivations,
Bring up the weak,

Bring up the meek,
Bring up the sick and the broken,
Bring up you women, your aged and you children,
This is the only way,
To a new day,
To clean your soul,
You will clean the world,
You will save yourselves,
Please listen, my dear children.