I have been a fool in love

I thought love was to give away

I showed my best in everyway

I loved with my arms wide open

only to be taken for a ride.

I have behaved like a child

I was to trusting and wild

But others saw this as weakness

They have used it to hurt me.

I offered up everthing

all that love can bring

I thought that was how love should be

Yet I have been left broken

I am all alone.

I have been left bitter

I have been left crying and cold

Yet they only laughed at me

Calling me a disgrace

I only wanted to love

I only wanted to be loved too

Why does this seem to be wrong of me?

I gave myself away innocently

But others only played along with me

Until they ran off with the best of me.

They act like children too

They act like mean children do

Laughing at my pain and making fun of me.

I have to find one like me

Who wants to give the best too

One who wants to be loved the way I do.