Flowing With Change

I am going to drift down the river, I am going to ebb and flow.

I have tried to swim against the tide only to exhaust myself.

I have tried so hard to control everything and everyone.

I have tried so hard but I have only felt myself downing.

I have learned it is so much easier just to go with the flow of life,

I can not fight what I can not control and I can’t control fate.

I am going to float down the river just like a bright red leaf.

I am going to set my worries free as I drift down stream.

I have learned that I only have this moment all else is behind me or a head.

I am going to drift down the river with my arms under my head.

I am going to stare up at the stars and wonder at the beauty that surrounds me.

I am going to watch the sun in the morning light as it sparkles in the water.

I am going to learn how to enjoy were I am.

I will release myself from the past and the people that did not deserve me or me love.

I will leave them behind me as they are already I just didn’t see.

I only have this moment in life I only have what is right infront of me.

I set the others free but in doing so I set myself free to my own destiny.

I will rise and fall with the waters of life and I will change all that I am.

I will become like the water I will never stop exploring life or becoming more of me.

I will adapt as all is fluid in life and I will be free from strife.

All of these pictures were taken by me using my Blackberry Cell.. they were taken in Kelowna B.C. Canada in City Park right by The Grand Hotel