Fatal Attraction



I chose this image for this post; because it is relative to being called crazy.. the last guy I was with Mr.B is calling me crazy..and saying that because I wrote about him and posted his emails to me on the blog..(without using his real name or identity) that I am in deed a fatal attraction. Of course this term is meant to cause me hurt, pain and confusion.. it also takes away my voice and credibility as a person. He claims that I am mentally ill and that I need to see a doctor; that he will come with me if I need him too. This picture is one from the book.. me as Hectate..I write in the book about how men call women crazy when she sees through bullshit, gets mad and holds him accountable. What is really sad about him calling me crazy is that I had confided in him about my marriage break up..about how I was suicidal, about how I got myself help until I could accept and get through the pain.. he then had told me that didn’t not mean I wanted to kill myself only to escape the pain..I told him he was right.

He is grasping as I have hurt him deeply; I have told him that I am sorry and I removed the post to prove to him that I am. I even sent him an email telling him that he has the right to sue me if I should make public any of his emails to me, even if I strip them of his identity. I have done this not because I am scared of him but because I can tell by his fear of me and his protective measures against me that he needs this to find peace.

It is a mess how it all happened. He was attracted to me and asked me to come see him at his home due to my online profile..after we slept together he told me by text message that I was not socially acceptable to date because of my profile.. I was so hurt, enraged and shocked that I was filled with my own ego and decided to teach him a lesson. And the very thing he rejected me on .. I included him on. It was a knee-jerk-reaction by me. I took 24 hours to think it through but my anger and hurt were so complete.. my thoughts were ” Oh no you did not say that to me or treat me this way.. how dare you.”

I suppose by societies standards a woman who is pissed off and scorned is a fatal attraction.. it seems to me movies like this were created to make labels readily available to slap on women like me who do not BEHAVE in social norms.. he told me I was not normal.. I told him normal is typical…so nope I am not normal at all.. wild yes.. YES I AM WILD!! Does that make me crazy.. yes to some .. to some the perception of a rule breaker is crazy.. when it comes to women.. I am nuts to many men.. I am down right scary. Because I am not predictable..when we watch the move Fatal Attraction.. he is left off the hook so to speak because of her insanity.. he is made a hero to the wife he fucked around on by killing the insane bitch.. I know it is all drama..and it is all hyped up..but is she not every man’s worst nightmare?? Fatal Attraction really hurt women, as it shows a woman being vulnerable but being over the top crazy..so is it not easy for men to connect this open vulnerability as nuts??

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.. is a writer; she is a brilliant woman; beautiful and she knows the power of her pussy. The brilliant, beautiful and highly sexed woman is shown as as crazed heartless bitch that uses her sexuality and sexual aura to literally hunt men and kill them.. in other words..she is so fricken smart, cunning and alluring that no man stands a chance against her.. it is true when men are faced with pussy they go right down to their primitive nature.. no thinking involved..so it is very easy for her to fuck them up. Is it not then that every man can feel very frightened by a woman who knows the power between her legs..should she not then be controlled by names like..cold heartless slut or whore to control the power she has.. that is God given? As woman of course it is our responsibly to uphold our sex with dignity and sexuality, not to be ashamed but not to use it to hurt and manipulate men.. but men have to learn to control their own urges too.. I think that this movie has built up fear and hostility for women in the power of their sexuality..and in the power of their intellect.. in reality most women don’t hunt and kill men for thrills..and not many fuck and release.. LOL

Next in the movie Disclosure we see a very sexual woman in charge.. she is so sexual that she takes a man down or tries to..as it seems women in charge can not be trusted ( so funny and stupid) and hot women are the worse of course the will suck your cock and ruin your life LOL..God forbid a hot woman with a sex drive should be in charge..she could go crazy or something????? Like what the fuck???

We say we want equal rights? Men say the want women to bring home the bacon so the can have a fricken break.. well the powers that be should give us all a fricken break and stop producing this shit to fuel the war of the sexes.

Well as for the man.. Mr.B who says I am nuts.. he is right. Something really crazy happened when I slept with him..really nuts.. I will share in the next post..the next post will be very hot and steamy.. hmmm I maybe a fatal attraction for writing it??? BOO!