Empowering Humanity




Basically everything I have done has been to empower others. Even as a very young child I could see very clearly through bullshit. It seems that I have always had a very clear direction to finding a path out of suffering. I grew up with a father that was very sexist and controlling. I grew up feeling ashamed for being born a girl, I grew up being taught by the women in my family that my role in life was to land a husband and serve him, meet his needs and see to it that he lived his dream. I was taught that women up held men; that this was our role in society.

I was taught that men could not control their sex drives and that if you behaved and acted in a certain way, that you were asking for it. One of my earliest memories was my dad calling me a slut for wearing a bikini to the beach in August. I was made to feel ashamed and dirty for having a curvy figure and for being big breasted but my brother was taught to get as many women as he possibly could and he was praised for loosing his virginity while I was to keep mine until marriage. I grew up seeing men being paid more than me for the same work. I grew up seeing men get better jobs than me; while we had the same experience and the same amount of education. I have grown up in a society that is run by male presidents and prime ministers..all of them having wonderful wives and mothers that support their dreams, but these women that support and uphold men of power have no real substantial power themselves.

I grew up having Playboy thrown in my face at the local 7-11 stores, and at high school as the boys passed it around behind the teachers back. I grew up listening to all the boys brag about all the sex that they had while all the girls kept their sexual experiences secret least they be labeled sluts. I have watched a male based society damn women if the do and damn them if they don’t. I have watched women’s sexuality used against them time and time again.. we are pressed into a model of what the perfect women should act and look like, we are sold products.. like anti-aging crap, and weight-loss shit that only serves to make us sick.. we are then told on the same magazine cover that we don’t have to diet to loose weight but we can eat cupcakes..and loose weight while we sleep..( JUST BULLSHIT)

Our sex is a sin, our sex is dirty, our sex is sell-able and useable.

I believe in a softer form of rape.. were a woman is lied to by a man, as he tells her he will be in a relationship with her; but he know’s fair well that he has no intention, that he lies to her to steal sex from her and then he walks away feeling smug leaving her broken and hurt. When a man does this to a woman and she looses trust in men, other men label her bitter..there again is the damned if you do damned if you don’t situation placed on women by a society that treats men like children. Men are not children they do have the capacity to tell the truth, to be honest and to control their sex drive.. it once again is societies way of controlling half the population by shame.

I have created this blog, website and my book to bring about a movement for women; a movement that will place women’s sexuality back in it’s rightful place.. women’s sexuality belongs to women. It is not up to a man to tell woman that she must stay a virgin until marriage..even her own father..it is not up to any religion, government or organisation to tell a woman what to do with her body or her sex.. including abortion.. it is her body and so it is her business.

I would like to see and I would like to create a movement for women by woman; I think through writing, photography, art and other forms of expression by women and the income that is earned by this put into an organisation that financially supports women in business and in their personal lives is the foundation of this movement.. I see in the future this movement or organisation called ” The Goddess Guidance Group”.. I see professional counselors involved and other professional women involved. This movement is not just to help women but to help men as well..many men are getting sick and tired of all the macho crap being piled up on them by society.. many man, men that are emotionally mature and open minded will see this as a breath of fresh air. There are many men in the world that are ready to see their partners receive equality..because this will take the burden off of men to retain a false macho identity and it will relieve men from the main bread winner pressure.  A movement of women coming into their rightful power will indeed bring balance to humanity.

Having true equal rights for women will help their children.. I am a single mother myself and I found that the way the government handles parenting responsibilities between parents that have separated or divorced to be far from equal. I found that the separation of the assets to be far from equal. I found that the amount of child support a parent has to pay to be a joke. My ex was able to walk away from 90% of the parental responsibilities, he retains 2/3 or more of his income for himself, he has the woman he left me for living with him helping him with household and daily expenses..if I enter into a common law relationship my alimony is stripped way from me even if the relationship fails and I am left with one income again. I have to take him to Family Maintenance for every extra expense after I have paid for it myself. I have to get his OK for him to put the kids into any extra activities; and of course he will not agree to anything or pay for anything. He is able to walk away with little financial or parental responsibilities while I am left with most of my income going to support the kids and little time for myself. This is the way a male based society treats single mothers, it is very easy for men to walk away from their children..and so it is very easy for single mothers to find themselves financially depleted and physically drained..this is not equality and it affects the quality of life for many children..

In a society based on true equality and equal rights the responsibilities of the children would be shared equally by both parents and the parent that the children lived with on a full time basis would retain a greater share of the marital assets to help raise the children to adulthood.

Women need to uphold women; we should not compete for male attention, we should support each other and be proud of our sex, our sexuality..we should regain ownership of ourselves and our bodies..we should show society through our expression..what we want..who we are and we should lead each other down this new path..

I hope my book..and my future works will inspire other women and men .. strait or gay down this new path to freedom.