EGO ..defined

The ego is the lower mind of the human conciousness, the part of our identity that causes us to separate from the whole of humanity and the human experience. This ego mind is what we associate with when we need to feel that others are beneath us. The ego manifiest it self in arrogance, pride, conciet, greed, grudges, anger, revenge, jealousy, materialism and all negative thought and behavious caused by that thought. The collective ego of a nation can cause hell on earth, it is in this negative energy that Dictators take over countries and genocide is carried out. The collective ego of a nation is what created the Holocaust. Through the insanity of that ego a nation believed they had the right to annihilate and entire race of humanity, because they thought they were superior to them. The ego needs to be in control and it is in fearing that lack of control in our lives that we feel the need to turn towards our ego. The ego thrives on the fact as a means to control.

The ego talks us out of faith and belief, because faith and belief are uncontrollable and it can not be used to feed it’s self. Faith and the belief in the spiritual show us that we are not separare from the whole, that we are apart of a spiritual ecosystem that is far greater than the separate self and in that truth the ego does not exist. That is why the ego mind is constantly thinking us away from the truth. the ego lives only in the body, so what the body doesn’t precieve the ego does not believe. The ego knows that when the body dies it dies with it, because the ego wants you to do whatever it takes to stay alive, even if it means hurting others to accomplish this goal.

Because of the ego we find it hard to forgive because the ego thinks it is always right and that by forgiving you are leaving yourself open to being hurt. It is because of the ego that marriages end in divorce and siblings stop talking to each other; peace will not be found when the ego stands in its way. It is by knowing our higher mind we defeat the ego, yet even being on guard the ego may still sneak past our defenses. It is in this realization that we are all prone to the ego, which makes it easier to forgive others of their mistakes because we are just as human. In judging others we judge ourselves, we are all capable of making the same mistakes.

We must come to the acceptance of the equality of all inorder for the ego to fall away so that the higher mind ( spirit ) can come together with the Divine, the Divinde being the wholenss of creation. Through humility and by being in the service of others we begin to dissolve the ego and it loses it’s grip over our lives and minds. When we are humbled by the circumstances of life and we share these experiences to help others, we begin to understand wholeness. We come to the understanding that we are all in this together and by helping each other we are strengthended.

The ego is false wisdom in the disguise of knowledge; the eog makes us blind to the true wisdom that lives in the spirit. The ego lies and keeps us from the truth, the truth, the truth that we are unbreakable even in death.