You will understand the title of this when you go in to this post and read farther on.. I am leaving the first few sentences clean for they are published for all to see when I put up the post…

Ahh and were good!..eatshit@fuckoff.. is an email address that the Shark.. Rick Baldwin used to post comments on my blog.. he told me to fuck off a few times.. I thought it was funny as hell.. I keep the email up on my email list so I can see it every morning and every evening when I check my emails.. it always makes me smile..and even laugh when I read it with out realising it..

He had the right idea.. there is no polite way to tell some one to fuck off..go big or go home.. its not..whatever… no whatever is not fuck off… fuck off..shut the fuck up and fuck you can not be substituted for anything else..they are perfect just the way they are…don’t fuck with it.

When I was having my facebook wars I should of just said plain as day ” FUCK OFF” “SHUT THE FUCK UP” “FUCK YOU” to all the bullies, the haters and the fucking game players.

You know you really need to say FUCK OFF when some one climbs up your ass about something you should of done or shouldn’t of done..and they play that passive agressive shit..of saying..” I am just telling you as a friend.” FUCK OFF is needed badly.. nope no sweetness or social graces or any of that shit.. its SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET YOUR CRAP OUT OF MY FACE! that should be the response plain and fucking around..just give them a big fat bite of reality!

And don’t you just love those perfect people.. the perfect parents, the perfect friends with their perfect life and they say they don’t have an ego.. they tell you to check yourself..they piont out all your problems all the while hiding theirs from you and even themselves.. ya they can SHUT THE FUCKKKKK UP!..Ya we all know that they are so fricken god damn fake that their plastic faces crack when they smile..their fake tits need an new alinement every couple of years..and they are in debt up to the fucking ears.. and they are telling you.. and they are trying to get you to be apart of their fake fucking false world..because if you admit and show your mistakes..they might have to think about theirs..and god forbid they should go there.. YA THE NEED TO FUCK OFF.

Don’t you love it how people love to tell you what to do.. people with no life experience of their own that don’t have a fucking clue..what the fuck is wrong with them? Don’t they know how stupid they sound.. they don’t know because they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about because their stupid..because they have not been through what you are going through.. the say ” it’s ok just think postive it will go away.” ok what they are realy saying is ” I don’t fucking care..I can’t relate to a word your fucking saying..and I just want to go golfing and or get my nails done”

Ah yes stupid people..we all love them don’t we..these stupid people..we have all had this fantasy.. of just rounding them up in putting them in cages and feeding them to themselves.. you know they do that to cows..thats what caused mad cow disease.. I think there could be hope in humanity with that.. think about it..if they eat each other eventually there will only be one left..crazy as hell… but we can always give that one a mercy kill.. it’s only right after all.. just a thought..sorry my mind was wandering.. I rather liked that 🙂

This for all the guys out there and the stupid chicks you want to tell to just SHUT THE FUCK UP.. this is a good example.. a woman following her man around in the gym on a Saturday morning.. you could see he brought her cause she had spent the night and he couldn’t get rid of her..she followed him around chatting and talking her fucking face off the entire time..dressed in her tights and halter top..full make up on.. every time he looked at another girl she jumped in front of him..swinging her pony tail around chatting like an idiot..and you could see it on his face..this is what he was thinking ” I stuck my dink in you last night and it was great..but now I want to work out..will you please get out of my face and…SHUT THE FUCK UP.”

Of course if he was at home with her he would of just stuck it right back in her face and shut her up..but poor guy the were at the gym..

Ok girls this one is for you when you want him to SHUT THE FUCK UP.. your sitting down watching your favorite show.. and he starts to talk about the crack in his engine block..ok fine.. but he will not get the fuck off it.. your eyes are rolling back in your head.. your tring so hard to make eye contact..he goes on and on about how a fucking engine works and all you can think is ” I don’t care.. I don’t care….SHUT THE FUCK UP!”..seriously if this happens at home just shove it in his face..put his tonge to good work!..seriouly get him to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Is it not amazing how.. stupid people never shut up?!..they go on and on about stupid shit that no one cares about like the rip in their shirt or how cold it was when the filled up on gas..but it is not a passing remark it just goes on and on this stupid can’t keep eye contact.. you tune don’t fucking care.. how can you about this stupid boaring shit..and you just want to shout..” SHUT THE FUCK UP…FUCK YOU..FUCK OFF..GET OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE”

Could you imagine being a therapist.. no not me.. it’s not that I don’t care or anything like that but it would day I would to all the therapist in the world.. I hope you enjoy this post the most..go here in your give yourself some relief…

To everyone else.. I know you think this shit

And I know you pick your nose 😉