Do You Wanna Spanking?

With Lucifer, his Wench.. The Butcher and the Shark.. I used their own force against them.. When I was in Judo.. I was taught how to throw another person by using their anger against them.. Hey they were asking for it. These people were asking for a spanking.. I gave them a place on this blog to kick their own ass. I did manipulate to some extent as journalist leading on a politician.. when they are tring to get the truth out of them. What does a good journalist do.. they piss em off. Thats how you get the truth out some people with big egos.. that bully and tell half truths.. when you shake em up and piss em off the truth comes tumbling out. So yup I spanked em.. my last post that included more of my true story with Adrian continued the spanking.. why? Why do you spank a child? To stop them from hurting themselves and others.

The Shark used women who were wounded to meet his animal needs.. I exposed that truth.. and it pissed him off.. how would any hunter feel if you exposed him to the what he was hunting.. pissed off.. how can one hunt when one is seen by what is being hunted.

I exposed the Butcher and his cruelty to himself.. he thought he was hurting me by telling me the truth; but I had pissed him off enough with emails fishing for that truth.. to finally hear it was a huge relief..not pain.. the pain lives in the lie.. so yes I spanked him.. I hope, to stop him from using other women the way that he used and hurt me.

As a society we hide from the truth.. the truth of what we do to ourselves, others and our planet.. we hide behind the media.. we put are kids infront of video games and TV screens so that we don’t have to communicate.. our children show us who we really are, the drag our weaknesses and strengths out of us.. they show us reality.. something we would rather forget as working on ourselves takes work and sometimes self revelation is painful.. we don’t want to know so we avoid each other.

Men and women do the samething in our relationships.. men watch porn and women want stuff.. we use these things to hide away from true intimacy and real connection. I am not saying everyone does this I am speaking about society in general.. women use their vagina’s to manipulate and men propagate porn by buying into this industry.. both ways we cheapen the relationships between men and women.

Women have to stop looking for the sugar daddy and men have to start looking for real women not the plastic variety that we see in the media.

When I had my boudoir photography done.. I did not wear false eyelashes.. false nails.. I didn’t tan or lighten my hair.. I work very hard to get my body to that state of fitness and I plan on beating my best level in fitness still..I eat right; no magic pill, no fasting or starving myself.. what you see is a real woman. Yes the lighting helps and that they are taken by professional women helps; but the images were not touched-up. With the models that you see today these images are so touched-up the women don’t even seem real.. their legs are lengthened.. their eyes are made bigger and so on..

One of my friends on facebook put up a song by AC/DC ( I wanna mistress for christmans) google it if you like so that you can see what I am talking about.. most, if not all of the women on this video.. have fake boobs..fake blond hair.. and the images are so touched-up it is hard to say what is real and what isn’t.. this propagates the media’s use of women.. this causes the huge divide between men and women.. in that women can’t possibly live up to these standards and in trying make themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually sick. These images also stop men from being truly intimate with real women; because not one will ever be good enough.. not one can live up to these crazy expectations. Porn degrades women.. and it shows women degrading themselves.. it shows men using women for sex and only caring about meeting their own physicall needs.. Porn kills the love between the sexes.

When men and women both stop giving into this industry we will learn to be healthy sexually again..when we as women respect ourselves.. by not trying to use are bodies to bleed money out of men and when men stop using women to only satisfy their animal instincts we will be well and whole as a society.. this industry and way of living affects our children.. these images are steeped into our world.. in all advertising and media.. we are teaching future generations how to use and abuse each other.

A friend of mine put on his facebook a quote about the vagina being like an engine.. well I think that qoute is incomplete.. the vagina doesn’t have a piston.. the penis is the piston.. and even then the engine can’t run with out gasoline.. the gasoline is the perfect mixture of love and desire.. if the Universe were a Temple the columns are the male and female.. together we hold up creation.. together we build creation.. through us the spirit of God moves and breaths. The war of the sexes has to stop.. the old world hatred of sexisum has to end if we are to continue living.

We like to think that we can keep on doing this.. we like to think that we can keep on taking from the planet and that the lights are just going to stay on forever while we use up all the fossil fuels.. we like to think that we can just use each other and that nothing really bad will come of it.. we are destroying each other.. we are killing ourselves.. with selfishness, greed and hateful behaviours..

We are are here people; we are at the end of a new beginning.. but if we don’t search out the new beginning we will only end our existance here at this time and place.. the Universe is asking us to choose.. do you want a better way of being.. do you want to grow or do you want to die? Growth is change.. like have writen in my past spiritual writings on this blog.. this is the change that is upon us now.. we can’t keep going like this.. PLEASE HEAR THE MESSAGE!

I am showing you the big picture.. I am connecting the dots so you can see the two paths.. one to our destruction and one to our transendance….CHOOSE… BE THE DIFFERENCE YOU WANT TO SEE…CHANGE

Yes we needed that spanking!