This next images show.. the art form of the feminine form…They show the they are very french..soft sensual and romantic

The image of me with the fans and the jewels running up my back is a depliction of the phoenix- the legendary bird.. that lit it’s self on fire to rise reborn from it’s ashes.. That is in essence what I have been through in the last 2 years of my life..when my marriage ended.. when my ex-husband broke my heart; that Grace died. She no longer exists anymore. I had to find life again. I had to remake myself and be reborn from the death of my past… my entire past..as you have read in my other posts. I had to find my ashes and breath life back into myself; I did this by finding the treasure in the pain. The PHEONIX is the symbol that I called upon to help me make this transformation and transition.. it has been a long and painful journey. But the rewards are priceless; I have become a strong and confident person.. the old me is like an old skin that I have shed. I am free of the old ways; the ways that held me back from living life to the fullest.. that was the way of FEAR.