We have been tricked by the media; away from reality.. from the reality of the real world and real women.

We shame each other instead of celibrate each other in our uniqueness.

If it isn’t the media it is religion, blaming women for bringing sin into the world; as if humanity and making mistakes wasn’t a part of the Divine plan.

Even the famous Sigmund Freud; blames mothers for for deep dysfuntional issues that people experience in their adult lives. I mean how dare she push you through the birth-canal.. and how day she spank you.. and you know it’s all her fault that you hate women cause she complained that you peed the bed.

The Divine Feminine, the mother/the maiden/the Grandmother have been buried for far to long under the rubble of a sick society. Even with me standing my ground as a spiritual person I find this hard to face down; to show my own healthy dignified sensuality. I have been baptised by shame my entire life, but spiritualy I feel compeled to do this; to help abolish shame. To use myself; my body, my life, my mind and my talents, even my very soul as an example for this positive change.

Women must unite with in themselves and together to hold each other up and their own unique beauty.

We have a right to be seen as individuals; as people and as healthy sexual beings.

We have a right to be loved for being ourselves.