DEATH…….Chapter 11

Death is the great equalizer.. Death brings us to humility and helps us to be grateful for life. Death also brings us in touch with our spirit and spirituality. The image that I chose for this chapter is of a painting that I is what I saw before I had reached the otherside in my experience of Death. Carl Jung was one of the great minds that lived to tell about his own experience with death.. it was this near death experience that propelled his great theorys of the human phyche.

That said I am trying to establish a normalcy to these experiences to sustain this writing for you, my reader.

Because I have had these experiences I have come to see death only as a doorway into oursleves.. as we are all apart of the fabric of the Spiritual Realm.. this place is truly home.. we are only visiting this existance. Life is the actual dream; it is in death that we become fully awakened to this truth. As children we innately understand that our true power is endless in it’s possibilities and we have all the abilities that are needed in fulfilling our purpose in this life-span. It is as adults that our egos mature with the flesh and our own intuitions and insights become wearied in the exhausting walk of life. It seems that the longer we live in the world the deeper we sleep as the world in all it’s superficiality sings us it’s sweet enticing lullaby.

The world is the mirage of false truths, the oasis is found in the unwavering intention of knowing our true worth and remaining unspoiled by the materialism and egomania of our cultures. It is in death that we will be completely opened-up towards our true intentions and the full awareness of all realities will be understood. The wisdom is that all life has a purpose and all existence is purposful; it will be in our death that we will know if our purpose was completed this time around or not. All purpose is for the common good of all creation. The purpose for all creation is the reconcilliation of all spirit with the Divine Spirit; that is the reconciliation of humanity and it’s realities with the Spirit Realm that is GOD.

Why life and death at all? Life in the physical form is given so that we may become freed of the darkness that is the EGO: it is through the lessons of life that we may be reborn to the Spirit. It is through the lessons of life that we shed the ego like a butterfly being released from its cocoon. By knowing death is coming we are turned towards the wisdom of the Spirit as a means to the understanding or our own spirit; death is the doorway to full enlightenment and wisdom.

Before our lives in this physical body we knew of the wholness from which we came; that is existance, all that was, all that is and all that ever will be. We are made to forget our pre-existance so that we learn our lessons unjaded and with humility. It is by facing fear of the unknown that we see that fear never existed; it is by living without a safety net that we experience the exhilaration of the journey. On the other side we can look back and realize the wonder of the adventure that is life and learning about what is truly meaningful by having lived that life. We will see that the only evil that we faced is the evil that we gave room for and that it is by our own perceptions alone that we will have overcome the obstacles on the road of life. If we see fear we will fear, if we see hope we will have hope and if we see love we shall have love.

By the humility of the human experience we are made to see and understand selflessness. It is by loving unconditionally that we are on the path to the purpose of life and it is by the understanding of the imperfection of us all that we may become closer to purpose by forgiveness. It is by the practice of forgiveness that we help the greater good and live out our purpose. It is by the dissolution of the ego that we become reconciled with THE GREAT SPIRIT and wholeness.

Oneness is in all of us by the understanding of wholeness we come to find the MYSTERY OF EXISTENCE. The ego falls away and the truth of the Spirit shines forth like a light burning throught the darkness of false reality and the truth is found.

There are those who walk this life encumbered by the limitations of physical and mental illness, disfigurements and poverty. To be a person living a life of limitation is to be a teacher; this is a spirit with great strengths and courage because they have chosen a life lesson of great humility. Through the unconditional love we feel for our loved ones faced with limitations we are shown the compassion that our Creator feels towards us in all of our own imperfections. Those with limitation of body and mind are Angels and higher spirits given to us so we may understand the source of love that is unlimited. It is by their humility we are raised up toward a higher understanding and divine wisdom and we are humbled by the realization of the purity of their spirit; that despite the limitation they are beautiful.

Existence can be compared to the ocean in which all of the waters upon the earth must return and then be moved away from, only to return again. The human body can be compared to water in it’s solid form of a snowflake in that each is different yet we all belong to the same source. When the snowflake’s time is done it melts and returnes back to vapor as the human body returns back to it’s spiritual begining. Vapor turnes to rain and then to groundwater and then it will always make it’s way back home to the ocean. Like water the human spirit never ceases to exist it only changes and like the vapor it rises towards the heavens only to return again to a new form. We are here to experience an awareness of our truth; I AM. We have no beginning or ending; we exist.

We are the very breath of GOD. for he/she breathed the spirit into the earth. By being the breath of God we are apart of God not a part from God. We are the breath of life that is God. As God exhaled to bring us forth from the Divine, God shall inhale to bring us home. It is through death that life grows.. an eternal life.