Dead Goddess… a media mess

Dead Goddess

Media has killed the Goddess;
The Goddess is a natural woman, she is saint and whore, mother and virgin..she is women of all ages shapes and sizes.

The female form that the media pumps out to the masses is a depleted version of her in all of her natural splendor. Media takes away her physical presents by presenting her as a shadow of her former self. Her curves are gone, her skin is shrunken, pail and ashen. Her eyes are vacant as if she has no soul; she has no life of her own. She exists to be molded into whatever man should own her and take her on. She wears his clothes that he designs for her, she told to look like a coat-hanger so that the clothes she wears show better. She does not eat, sleeping comes in spurts do to hunger pains; when she does eat it is with shame; then she vomits up her abundant meal so that nothing should remain on her skeletal frame.

She is the walking dead. She has lost her way trying to please the masses as they suck her soul dry. She looks like all the rest that walk the walk of shame and death with her. They walk in shame of their sex, their originality, the presence that they give is the one they are allowed to show; that of what is to be shaped and molded my them; the men of power that put on the fashion show.

She shows her bones with pride as she made to feel like she has accomplished much by her slow disappearing act. She slowly withers away to nothingness; she is but a pawn in the game of making money, making power and fame from her shrinking flesh.

She is an owned woman; her fame depends on following the rules..a calorie in a calorie out, count them all so none remain. Disappear dear girl as that is all she is but a girl as only girls can be manipulated so well with the game.
But the game is played on every woman as the girl that has been brainwashed to disappear into the media mold is set up on a pedestal for all the rest of us women to behold.

If she is sexy or sensual..if she dares to stand out; she is asking to be raped as her body is not her own but belongs to men, she should only show her sex when permission is granted in and given as her sex is not her own;

her body belongs to others, she dresses and she acts like she is told, a woman owned and repressed this my dear sisters is the DEAD GODDESS!