It seems that as many of us get older we loose our sense of adventure..we loose our wonder.

As we age we loose our edge..we can become complacent..we just accept what is handed to us.

Youth questions everything.. in just finding their wings they have to figure out how it all works, and why it doesn’t work the way they may want it to.

Youth has fresh we age we see the world as we have come to know and understand it..we forget to wonder about the meaning of it all..or even question if there is any meaning to any of it.

At the Mad Hatter Art Exhibit.. I found a breath of fresh air…being youthful at heart myself.. I found myself right were I have been longing for.. WONDERLAND…

The young artist have their hands on the pulse of the world… on the here and the now.

They see and understand that we have been living in an artificial world and that because of it we are slowly killing ourselves..the pieces of art questioned how media effects the way women are viewed by the world and by themselves.. how we are taught not to be comfortable in our own skin..but to attempt to look like a barbie doll or a touched up model on a magazine spread.. the pieces of art touched on nutrition.. how we poison or bodies with artifical food and then we put artifical drugs in our bodies to medicate the sickness that we cause ourselves by our poor nutrition. The exhibit covered our addiction to technology.. how we sit on the computer..text on cell phones.. online date and cook our brains with TV and video games..Then the exhibit covered our emotional state as well.. how we repress our emotions.. how this causes mental illness and depression.. the piont is to ” SAY IT OUT LOUD..WRITE IT DOWN!”.. do it for your mental health..These young artist understand that we are a world living out of balance..we cause our own problems by living in a fake artificial world.. were we are supposed to act and look perfect but we sabotage our own health with the crap we eat.. the things we chose to do with our time.. like sit on our asses and watch TV and play video games..

All of these issues I put forward on this blog.. thats why I was right at home in wonderland..cause I am just like Alice..wondering why people can’t see common sense.. just like the young artist..and other artist and creative people trying to bring about this change.. to make a differance in a postive way.. for the now and for the future.

The piont is … I think that was being made.. WE NEED TO GET OUTSIDE, WE NEED TO GET BACK TO NATURE..WE NEED TO BE REAL.

My children played with the interactive pieces at the exhibit..they were not afraid of the expression..of the playfullness of looking at the world in an entirely new way.

This is the simple truth.. we have concentrated on the destination..we have forgotten the journey.. we have forgotten ourselves along the way.

The adventure is being the real you.. and becoming more everyday.. more and better along the way.

Who knows were we are going.. lets just say healthy along the way..

The way to a new and better world is to be like the youth of today.. look and wonder..ask questions.. make it better.. love change..

See the world with fresh eyes.. and know there is so much more to be discovered..that we just haven’t realised..

Let them show us the New.