Chapter 2 continued

Addictions are distractions tht help us avoid working through our pain and suffering. When reality has become too painful to deal with we turn to addiction as away of hiding away from our world. Addictions are used as a soothing measure, yet they are destructive in their nature. Addiction causes stagnation in our personal and spiritual growth; we become stuck in a loop of meaniglessness. The pattern of addiction becomes a rutted path that we have great difficulty pusing ourselves our of, in the end if we do not find our way back to health it can lead us to total self destruction and ultimately to death.

The way through addiction is the acceptance that one is addicted and the reasons for that addiction in the first place. It is through denial that we become the victim of addiction, because without facing the true reality, change for the better can not occur and the addiction will rule yur life. A life filled with addiction is a lie to the person living it.

A person living in addiction will lie and deny to themselves and others constantly so that they will not have to make the changes for a healthy life. Those of us who have beome dependant on drugs, alcohol and so forth, probably have had or are having dark and difficult times upon them. Instead of learning and using healthy coping skills they have turned to their vices as a reliable way to mask their pain and fear.

Addictive behavior is supported by lifestyle, by having a network of like minded friends and acquaintances following the same addictive behaviors. It becomes easier when there isn’t anyone around you pionting out your band behaviour; this support enables the self-abuse to go on unchallanged and even unnoticed. Most people that live in this manner will feel very uncomfortable around people who live healthy lifestyles and will aviod social contact with them so that they can remain happilly in thier denial.

It will take a complete lifestyle change to overcome addiction and our depedency on it. this may mean moving away and making new friends, starting a new job, it could mean completely starting over. It mean the end of a marriage or relationship; if it is steeped in the dysfunction of the addiction. It means finding the source of the addiction and facing the fear and the pain that one has runaway from for so long. It means taking the monster out of he closet and examining it for what it really is.