Chapter 2 continued

When we are living out of balance we can turn anything into destructive behavior, even exercise can become obsessive and addictive. When we use anything or anyone for hiding away from reality and our responsibilities, this can turn into abusive behaviors. There are many of us that use people in our lives as excuses for not living to our true potential. We accomplish this by blaming them and their behaviors for our lack of control over our own lives. We hide behind the bad marriage or the problem teen so tht we do not have to accept the responsibility for our own self growth, we may even encourage their bad behavior by with holding love and affection to elicit a response of drama.

In order for us to walk through to the other side of addiction we must prune away the damaged parts of ourselves, the pieces that make us sick and weak with denial. These patterns of self destructie behavior mist be relearned and our lives need to be re-routed towards balance and self acceptance. Instead of turning to self destruction one must learn self adjustment, because this is needed for survival, but also for the thriving growth of the human spirit. If we could envision ourselves balanced and whole, living a healthy existence that we can work to achieve this second chance at life.

Now Back to this moment, isn’t it amazing That I wrote this years before our marriage ended, it is like my subconscious was trying to give me a heads up; or was it Divine intervention? I know the answer to that , but you can come to your own conclusions. the next bit is what I wrote after he left and I was being emotionally abused by him, he was using the kids to get to me.