Chapter 1 continued

Sounds like great advice doesn’t it? I have followed it before many time in despare as life can be so unpredictable, I find myself clinging to it now. My heart is so broken and I am shocked at my husbands coldness towards me and feel as if I have been left out in the cold, I look towards God, asking please please let me learn the lesson that I am loved no matter what, no matter who with holds their love and affection from me, not matter who leaves me in death or divorce: God let us feel your love and the love of self always….

The last paragraph was written after he left; I added it a the end as a desperate prayer. It has been answwered, I am no longer teh broken, humiliated woman that he left. I now see that the end of our marriage was a necessary evil, a sacrifice that was needed for the greater good of my soul and for the happiness of the children. I see now waht I was being told by his actions throughout our marriage, that was not the right partner for me. My search for spirituality and equality drove him nuts; our relationship was very dysfunctional. My spiritual needs were nto met by the lack of equality in the relationship. I still love hime even though makes it very difficult, I will forgive him.