Chapter 1 continued

If we were to retrace our journey into the darkness we would be able to find were we became lost. With self reflection we could find our way back to spiritual health and balance. It is by letting go of the negative thoughts, actions and beliefs that we may find our way back to love and wholeness. yet when we are living in the negative we surround ourselves with others living in the same energy. we live together in this dysfunction and pain because we have learned to become comforable with it and so to move away from this negativity means changing over our entire lives.

There is a cleansing that needs to take place, there are choices that need to be made and mistakes that need to be righted. It is by taking responsibility for ourselves and by taking action needed that we can make what was wrong right.

It is by the making of our own lives that we will find true satisfaction and by acceptance we find the power to make necessary changes; with the acceptance of our reality and that we are responsible for it. The acceptance of the fact that life can be extremely hard and that doing the right thing is rarely easy. Finally, we all have the power within us to change. It is far that keeps people in darkness; it is fear that blinds and binds us from the light of our own power. It is facing fear that we regain our power and realize our true worth and potential. When we are taken over by fear we can not see the greater whole of existance and we feel lonely and cut off form humanity. In fear we feel and act crazy and we are capable of any distructive hateful behaviour. Ine fear we are imprisoned and smothered in negativity, it is by seeing through the smoke and mirrors that we are set free and become whole once more. Embrace the darkness, look through fear and find your truth.