Change never feels causes us to feel fear, even when we need things to change.

We can’t keep on doing what we did before as it just doesn’t see to work anymore..

The past is gone..when we have learned from is a waste not to move on..even when we miss what is gone.

The future has yet to come..and with change constantly turning things about..we can never count on our plans to take shape..

This is change.

Change is unpredictable.. it is unforseeable, and it can seem unreasonable..but it is what it is..a constant force that causes the creation of the universe.

Change can be harsh like a storm that comes on suddenly as the forces of nature often do..change can up-root you.. it can spin you on your head.. sometimes it can make you wish that you were the changes brought on are so intense that you don’t have the time to even catch your can feel as if a tornado has ripped through your life.. leaving you torn… this is how change can set your right on your ass making you second guess everthing.

But after the wildfires of change seem to destroy everything.. this horrible pain leaves room for spontaneous growth..because when nothing is left.. your life is like a blank canvas.. you have a chance to make change your friend..because it didn’t kill only remade you.. you are stonger and wiser…smarter and you learned how to survive.. inspite of pain.. now you can see for miles as your souls landscape is laid bare.. you are your own creation.

To survive change.. to thrive through change.. find love in everything.. live in your truth..always remember to be you.. this is the centre of the hurrican..this is the place.. is in the blance..this is how you stay on top of the wave..and the many to come as you move through and with change.. always love..forgive yourself when you fall..when you loose your balance.. just forgive and get back up..and ride the wave.. always speak your out and find what matters to you.. it is through finding what is real and living in your strength that you will find something to anchor your soul too..

It will, as it always does… come to the calm..the clouds will part…the storm will move find another soul to teach it’s lessons too..

You will have a new you.

The world to is experiencing this change.. it just reflects it’s self on to you.. we are all fluctuating..we are all learning to sink or swim.. as the we learn that the past no longer works for us..and if we don’t make the changes..these important changes..there will be no future for any of us.

The human race needs to be renewed..through the experiences of me an you.