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I suggest that you listen to the music above to submerge yourself into this writing.

It is now that we are being asked to surrender ourselves, to dive deeply into powerful emotional, sexual and spiritual waters.. it is now that all the energies are merging into the unification of the sacred marriage of the light and the dark.. it is the time of the New Golden Age as all of the most ancient of memories and wisdoms combine upon us.. and yes it is the Masculine and the Feminine that Unite.. as Mother Earth rises to her Groom.. Father Sky and we are the re-born children of this sacred submission and they both..both of these energies surrender and submit in their sacred love to one another.

We are over taken by the flow of this energy as it is like two rivers converging upon each other in a new ocean of divine understanding.. we are taken over by emotions.. by  passions..of the need to express love and compassion.. this we do when we ourselves are expressed in the postive.

Those that I am concerned for are those who are living in the negative as the negative expression of this is hate towards the opposite sex.. it is expressed in the need to do harm to other’s or to the self.. this is an important message to those who are heart-sick with bitterness, revenge .. those who live for only money wealth or greed.. it is time to put yourselves in these feelings will only intensify as we approach the middle of this month November 2012.. as all will come to to a climax then.. it is important that you reach a stage of forgiveness as this hatred will not be felt by those you will not forgive but will manifest it’s self 100x within the self.. as it is never those that we hate that feel the hate.. it is only you that feels the hate within your heart.. it is you that will sink under these emotional swells.. these huge waves of intense emotion that are beginning to gain momentum right now.. you must unload your burdens are you will drown yourself.. as all that you carry now must be let go of.. it is sink or swim.. or better yet float with the current..

It is important that we ground our root chakra deep within.. deep roots to maintain balance..take care of body and soul.. as the roots need to anchor you so that you are not swept away in what feels like your sexuality.. eat healthy..get outside.. move your bodies.. and then go deep within..

This the age of wisdom.. and so it is this month we will feel it rushing in.. those who are sensitive to spiritual energies..will feel down loaded.. we will share our message..we will make new connections..and we will keep connecting the hive of the mind buzzes with new life and new the DNA is re-connected..and the passages of the mind that have not been of use in the past..will take up life..the will make connections..and a new awareness shall take up like never before..or it will simply be understood by that of memory..we will remember of the time before this time..were we will know our divinity and that we are all indeed Gods..the Christ Mind takes up..all and everyone a divine spark..we come together..and the Divine Fire.. explodes.. THE AGE OF WISDOM.

Wisdom from each and every culture from every understanding upon the Earth..and then the Wisdom of the Heavens shall flood the Earth..

This is the time to set yourself in order..all that needs to be sorted within the self..shall be rearranged; it is now..this is the time of cleansing..

This energy is very sensual..very deep as it takes place in the sign of Scorpio..and then when the cleansing of deep emotion runs it’s course the wisdom of Sagittarius and Mercury takes up.. wisdom with swift movement..all comes rushing in..the new begins..accelerated change..The Golden Age.





I found myself deep within the darkest, mystery.

I darkness so dark that I can not express it’s depth.

I saw the glowing phosphorescence in the liquid flowing.

Phosphorescent living little things.. rainbows lit within.. in the darkness of this living cave.

Oh the scent it was so sweet, musky and so heavy.. like flowers ripe with dew.

It was then that the walls moved back or was it me that moved?

Soon I found myself out side looking at the crystal labia that surrounded me like the gates of eternity.

It was then that she sat back..she who I was in.. she sat back away from me giving me room as she took up..

He dark black thighs they closed as she rose so high.. oh so high..she rose clothing herself with the night sky.

The stars they glittered in her robe..her robe the velvet night.. she pulled it closed across her breast so full and so round.

I looked up to see her so immense.. so powerful she is.

Upon her head was a crown made up of many stars and constellations.. of worlds, planets and moons.. she IS THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.. her POWER is the POWER of EVERYTHING.

I looked into her she was darker than the dark indeed her contrast stood out from the night sky..dressed in her robes of glory and dignity she looked down at me..and in her eyes I saw eternity..the moons, the stars.. universes so far away we have never seen.. in her eyes.. space and time.. one and all the same..forever I could see as she looked at me..and this is what she said to me.. without speaking a word.

I give birth to you..this is the life that you take up all yourself that lived before.. this is your is now that I give birth to you.. it is through you that I live through to rise up reborn.

I was overcome by her power rushing in.. I was and I am overcome with such respect it feels like I fear the power of a mother protecting her young..the power of love can be so fierce as she filled me up.. my heart did rush my blood took up my heart did burst as it was filled with a power so strong and so fierce..and I was overcome.

It was then that I awoke within my bed..cold with sweat.. my heart beat hard; fight or flight inside my head.. in between sleeping and awake I saw her there at my bedroom door..watching me..making sure I knew what she had to say.. it was then that I prayed.. please, please are sure it is me? She nodded her head..and slowly like dark velvet rich smoke she drifted away.. to the places in between this place and the next.. the place were words are never spoken but everything is understood..


Once Upon A Timelessness



It is that time is but a spiral..and like the wormhole spinning inward and in on it’s self and then again back out. Darkness and light..matter and spirit form a circle so tight that they merge into one..what was once unseen becomes reality and what was once reality becomes the dream. Everything goes into the center, bending and molding together..flipped inside out..and outside- in as we approach the Universal Center. The Earth she rises up to the sky the dark rift she lifts..with her we rise and twist.

Time as we know and understand it in the mass flow..speeds up with the gravitational pull.. time shortens, days feel like hours, time looses it is not relevant in these events. In the core of this hour-glass.. all will hang, all will stop as the pendulum halts it’s swing..this is everything merging as one.

Those who relate to mass..those who relate to logic..those who can not live in the image’, those who can not see through the internal sight..will become blind. The fright of the dream becoming real, the fright of everything that they thought was everything becoming nothing and nothing becoming everything will cause them to become what they relate.. mass and only it is their relative. Yet those who have even the slightest understanding of the mysteries they shall be reborn. Those who carry within them the wisdom of the image.. those who already have walked between the worlds..with knowing the energy that lives within all things..their rebirth shall be painless and one of joy.


From this nothingness..these dark days..comes the birth of new light..and it is in his arms he carries her through the night.. in his hands he holds The Earth.. and with love in his hands he holds the cup of their love..silver and so sweet.. they then give birth to a new reality.. the cup of love is turned onto The Earth..golden nectar so sweet..and with that love the Golden Age is ushered in, and the people of the new birth walk in the body of light..and it is the weakest ones that come first..the innocent inherit The Earth..and The Crystal Children shall lead them.. to Age of Wisdom.


Once Upon A Timeless place.


The Metaphor







I am the likening, I am the symbol.. I am similar .. I am the poetic .. I am the poem.

In the deepest darkness, the soul was driven.. deep into the shadows…hell was known.

There was no escape from this damnation…I was the dark horse…it was my termination. My death. There was no hope, no faith, no love..I had no salvation. My reality was my disintegration.

In this place..of nothingness I let go.

I stopped fighting.. I stopped trying to change what I could not change..

The death was.. it was a long death.. but then like a light in the gloom..  like a lighthouse penetrating the impossible blackness.. my inner light began to glow.. somehow.. somehow..and it became became brighter..and I became more..I was in the process of transforming.

It was the next morning.. when I felt a universal flow take me and send me and become me and make more of me than I ever knew was possible.. it felt like the impossible but it became and I became the possible..and I did transform.

I stopped looking outside of myself. I stopped looking towards a broken society for the answers.. I stopped and I stood still..and I flowed.

I accepted I am the metaphor.. I am the fringe.. I am the seeker and the keeper of truth.. I just am.

I have no need to fight the society that is now.. I have no need to compete… because it is not necessary as it is the way it should be now..and all will change..I am truth.. I am the symbol.. I am myth..the spirit knows the myth..the spirit will flow.

I let go.

I will find the others,

The others that keep the truth,

The others will find me,

We will no longer be the fringe of society,

We will remake and renew the tribal ways,

I let go to make way for a new way..

As the ancient ways are reborn.

The Threshold



The world is waking up.

We have finally had enough, enough of our own self created madness.

Many can see that we are the ones that wrote every holy book. We created religion out of fear, because we have feared death so much.

We have created a world wide industry on avoiding death.. we are to remain ageless.. every product that we buy and every activity that we pursue is to fly in the face of death…

But because of this we are dying.

We consume. We create garbage..we eat and drink our garbage.. plastic is in our food… it seeps into our water table.

In our search for perfect we are plastic ..and like cling wrap it smothers and consumes us to death.

Death is the sacred place.. it is the threshold to life.. when we face death ..and come to acceptance of this sacred place of rest.. we are brought back into balance.

We understand we have created all of this.. the Governments and all the war.. by hiding in fear we bring about death.

My facing death and facing fear we can finally live.

We can have a world based on equality, we can live in a world that is clean and free.. and we can stop treating each other like suspects.. it is this fear that puts us into survival mode constantly causing us to run and hide or attack each other.

We are on the threshold.

We have the technology to create clean energy.. if we stop paying into war and fear.. we can feed and we can can care.. we can heal the whole wide world.

If we create peace in the home by accepting both men and women as equals.. our children will be free.

Right now we are waking up..

The lights have been turned on.. we have awakened to our own shadow..but many turn the lights off..because they see that the monster that they have feared all along is them.

The world.. we.. us.. need to face the monster in the mirror…love the shadow self.. accept death.

So that we many finally begin to live.

The Heart of a Woman











There is one word that expresses a woman’s heart.. NURTURE

Women are the archetype of the Great Mother.. the is in our nature to protect life at all cost; but like Mother Nature we protect what will bring forth the most growth and abundance.. to women who have not been made bitter or hard by pain..this abundance is LOVE.

We will cut our losses as Nature does, we will not enable useless suffering..and those who refuse to release themselves from suffering or those that chose to create suffering will be loved from a distance..because a good woman with true wisdom knows to enable is to give into sickness and in nature that which stifles life will be let go to it’s own devices. A woman pure in heart will help those and ease the suffering of those who are truly the weakest, who need her help the most..and who one day .. will learn to help themselves.

A pure woman’s heart respects the dying ..she helps them on their journey with comfort and ease..she understands that life and death or not both we are both states we are in need of comfort..compassion and love.

Her love is deep and pure.. some feel they are not worthy of the depth of her compassion..

When a woman is strong enough not to become hardened of heart.. resentful and made petty by vengefulness.. her light shines out to the world in stunning glory..

This is the heart of compassion.. the heart that we see in the woman who is not afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches of daily life..the woman that carries a hot heavy child through the burning summer streets despite her own pain. This is the woman that we see caring for her elderly parents..and her children..some while working outside the home. This is the woman who stands by her man, after he has lost his job.. his self-esteem, his health.. or all hope..she comforts she loves him more than status or money.. this is the woman who forgives as she understands..we all sin..perfection does not she is practical and she forgives.

A woman’s heart can not stand to see others suffer..she can not stand injustice.. she fights for the under-dog.. she protects those who can not protect themselves.

When she grieves she grieves in the open..she grieves out she loves so deeply and completely the ones she has lost..

Her way of showing to comfort, to make you more of what you were before you met.


The White Feather

The White Feather.

The Right to Rebellion

The Right to Rebellion.

The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect.

WONDER WOMAN…a feminist with the right approach.

WONDER WOMAN…a feminist with the right approach..