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Right now I am picking up this energy ( denial)

By this energy.. I mean an over all feeling of all humanity. I am reading it on facebook and experiencing it in my daily life.. I am listening with my ear to the ground.. my hand on the pulse.

It seems that there is a lot of blame and shame.. it seems that many are having problems with duality.. the dueling inside of the self.

There is the spiritual movement towards only positive thinking and only positive thoughts and emotions..the problem with that if the negative is not expressed.. it goes underground in the heart, soul and mind..and it festers.. yes it becomes an even greater darkness than when it is given room to be expressed.. like an exhalation of old air.. it must be released in order for wholeness and over all health of heart, soul, body and mind.

There are those again expressing that those who have come upon difficult times have done something to deserve their suffering.. frankly I think that they are right were they are meant to be.. It has been through my suffering that I found my strength.. it has been through my suffering that I have found myself.. Like an athlete.. one must endure great pain sometimes for even greater gain.. who is to say.. who is to know another’s spiritual path.. you yourself will not know how truly wonderful your suffering was towards the tempering of your own soul.. it is evolution..growth is painful.. it can be so horrible even but so very necessary to BECOMING.. and if you need to vent your fear, pain, suffering and frustrations.. we should all be compassionate .. and wise enough to know, your pain could just as easily be our own.. we never know when destiny will turn..when the wheel of fate will take a turn for the worst.. but in the end.. if one can can face the terrible winds of change.. one can be TRANSFORMED..

I know.. I know.. I know it is the truth.. I have suffered much..and I have gained much wisdom and compassion for others due to my suffering.

Of course..those who do not use their suffering for transformation..those who chose to suffer for the sake of attention and not taking responsibility for their lives are self inflicted victims..but lets not label everyone a victim who suffers and needs to express their suffering for the sake of do to be selfish.

We mirror ourselves on other’s constantly.. we label others..with our own labels.. sometimes we see in others what we wish we had and so we must call them down as we feel low next to them..and other times, we call other’s weak who speak their truth because we are to weak to speak it or hear it.

My purpose for writing this is simply this.. if we are to ascend.. if we are to rise to a new dimension it will have to be with authenticity, compassion and the merging of duality.. it is to express and to accept.. yes accept.. ACCEPT..that we must merge all parts of the they are apart of all creation.. it is the merger of the negative and the positive..the light and the dark..the ACCEPTANCE of all that is..that we become ONE.

The Wisdom Keepers





There are those who were born knowing of things unseen.

Those who walk the spaces in between.. they lift the veil in their sleep, as they dream dreams of mystical things.

They understand a place beyond physical reality..and it is they that are meant to lead you to this place.

They who are the keepers of the faith.. that has no religion or domain.. the ones that have walked through their own shadow self.. have explored their own pain.. they do not hold the wisdom above you but share it with you freely.

There is the Shadow Sage.. the one that holds the wisdom deep within..that understands that all is one.. yet because they have not admitted to themselves the damage and the darkness that lives within them..because they have not walked through their own shadow they hold the wisdom above you.. this proves as arrogance.

They talk in circles with pretty words that never deliver the full gift that belongs to the wisdom is meant to be shared equally.. but instead they give you little pieces of the puzzle so that they may hold the power to themselves..this is The Shadow Sage.

The Sage.. that is whole; that has learned to live in this world and the other worlds..that has learned how to hold the shadow up to the light..this is the one that heals the world as they are of the world and of other worlds..and they admit their own humanity and flaws.. this is the enlightened ONE.

There are many now.. The Sage..that is whole understands there are many Wisdom Keepers and they wish to Merge as a WHOLE to bring the world to WHOLENESS.. as the wisdom must be shared and poured out to humanity with equality for both men and women.

The Enlightened Sage, does what they say the will do..they do not use their spirituality as an excuse not to be grounded and real.. the Enlightened Sage is HUMBLE.. and they share with you their power or THE POWER..they do not take POWER from you by asking you to follow them unquestioningly..

They want you to follow the wisdom within they understand that you are an EARTH ANGEL TOO.

There are those who feed their ego with your compliance ..this is the Shadow Sage..the Magician that only gives you smoke and mirrors.. a plate half full that never completely fills you..

Now you know.. follow the Enlightened Wisdom Keepers and soon you will walk with them equally as they show you the wisdom is within you too.

Once Upon A Timelessness



It is that time is but a spiral..and like the wormhole spinning inward and in on it’s self and then again back out. Darkness and light..matter and spirit form a circle so tight that they merge into one..what was once unseen becomes reality and what was once reality becomes the dream. Everything goes into the center, bending and molding together..flipped inside out..and outside- in as we approach the Universal Center. The Earth she rises up to the sky the dark rift she lifts..with her we rise and twist.

Time as we know and understand it in the mass flow..speeds up with the gravitational pull.. time shortens, days feel like hours, time looses it is not relevant in these events. In the core of this hour-glass.. all will hang, all will stop as the pendulum halts it’s swing..this is everything merging as one.

Those who relate to mass..those who relate to logic..those who can not live in the image’, those who can not see through the internal sight..will become blind. The fright of the dream becoming real, the fright of everything that they thought was everything becoming nothing and nothing becoming everything will cause them to become what they relate.. mass and only it is their relative. Yet those who have even the slightest understanding of the mysteries they shall be reborn. Those who carry within them the wisdom of the image.. those who already have walked between the worlds..with knowing the energy that lives within all things..their rebirth shall be painless and one of joy.


From this nothingness..these dark days..comes the birth of new light..and it is in his arms he carries her through the night.. in his hands he holds The Earth.. and with love in his hands he holds the cup of their love..silver and so sweet.. they then give birth to a new reality.. the cup of love is turned onto The Earth..golden nectar so sweet..and with that love the Golden Age is ushered in, and the people of the new birth walk in the body of light..and it is the weakest ones that come first..the innocent inherit The Earth..and The Crystal Children shall lead them.. to Age of Wisdom.


Once Upon A Timeless place.


The White Feather

The White Feather.

The Right to Rebellion

The Right to Rebellion.

This Little Light Of Mine……I am gonna let it shine…..

This Little Light Of Mine……I am gonna let it shine…...

Trade…. a love poem

Trade…. a love poem.

The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect.



WONDER WOMAN…a feminist with the right approach.

WONDER WOMAN…a feminist with the right approach..