Genius is knowing that we will never know everything.. wisdom and maturity is accepting this as fact.. creation is ever expanding and changing.. it is growth.. we are God’s hands.. we are the explorers of God’s creation.. just for the sake of the adventure.. we are all adventurers.

I know but a small fraction of the whole.. as the whole is forever expanding.. and that is it’s beauty and it’s brilliance.. the joy is not just in the learning but in the process of the learning.. this is genius.. it is the wanting to know.. it is in the introspection of the process that one is expanded by it’s growth.. it is through the love of learning that one finds true satisfaction.

It is through lack of fear that one can truly let go of the outcome to experience and know the bigger picture.. to see nothing framed in.. to see and experience outside of the box.. to know different dimentions and realities exist way past our understanding… to see past the physical form to the unseen worlds and stars.. to go were no one has gone before..this my friends is truth and the BRILLIANCE that shines through the light of this splendid understanding that nothing is stationary.. all moves forward constantly into the LIGHT!