Boys & Girls



I had an interesting talk today with a couple of guys.. just harmless talk nothing sexual.

I will just get strait to the point like they did.. guys are like that… they were in a good mood after a couple of beers in the summer sun, so they were really open to just telling me the truth.

We were talking about my book and then of course my single still status came up and with that the topic of my last date. I told them why I thought it didn’t work out and then one of them asked me if I wanted to know what he thought.. so I said “Yup”.. He said he was just gonna give it to me how a guys sees it.. this is what he said and a couple of the other guys agreed with..

He said ” he got you to drive up to his house because he saw your website and wanted to tap your ass.. he talked to you for so long because he knew you were a writer and that you were smart.. so he did what he had to do to get you naked. His business reputation means more to him than dating a rebel like you. He called you crazy to get off the hook.”

Yup plain and fricken simple.. I was played according to these guys and they were damn sure of it.. I feel so stupid..but I still felt feelings of love for the guy so that is that.

So after the beach I went to get groceries for the kids.. and in my confusion bought this book ( Act like a Lady..think like a Man)

According to this book I should use my sexuality against men by withholding sex for 90 days..and because I dress sexy and because I am independent.. I am going to be one lonely woman for the rest of my life.. I am the bad girl because I don’t follow rules.. and I don’t want to get married again.. I don’t want a big diamond ring.. I don’t want a man  paying my way or kissing my princess ass.. he says the keepers don’t play games but his entire book is about using your pussy power to gain a man’s respect.. wtf??

He says men need to make more bacon than us to feel validated.. they need to feel they protect us and they need to let the world know they own us..and guess what we get all this by controlling him with sex..but we are not playing games..we are just making him earn his payment and his payment is the cookie.. THE VAGINA!!

See I am a big girl I can call it a VAGINA.. ohh and did you know that the women that are keepers all go to church on Sunday. They dress to be respectable.. they like his mommy..they cook.. their house is always clean .. fuck off.. I know I sound mad but I really am laughing my ass off  🙂  🙂  🙂

Oh my God.. lets just all go back to the 1960s!

I am not hearing this from any of my male friends.. I hear that they are sick of being walking wallets.. and they are sick of women shopping obsessively..that they want women to work..and the women that I talk to say they want help when they go to work by their men.. with the house work and the kids.. it has to be 50/50 for everyone for there to be true equality..

And men are responsible for leading women on when they want sex and only sex but they make like they want a relationship just to get in her pants.. woman are not the only adults in the world..playing sexual power games is stupid and it leads humanity away from being authentic and real..

Women want independence and to express their sexuality with out this retarded attitude about being a good girl or a bad girl.. whore/virgin bullshit.

If we want real love. If we want love to win us all over.. we have to be grown ups, we have to be mature honest and open.

I don’t want to be his little girl and I don’t want a daddy to take care of me..

I want to be friends and lovers.. commitment without a contract that makes me owned.