BFWB..I want my cake.









For the most part she is unsuspecting at first to the Best Friends With Benefits Game.

First it starts with ” Lets have sex and be friends..and we will see” seems legit right?

He says ” It has to start with friendship babe” True??

In the beginning he may take her out to a local eatery, he may take her to a movie or they may go for walks..but as soon as the sex starts he suddenly becomes to busy for the  the friendship activities but not to busy for the sex.

He stops calling her to just talk; but he calls her for sex. He is to busy to spend the night or to cuddle much.. he has a cat at home.. his cat or his dog or his best friends cat or dog needs him home right after he finishes with her.

After each encounter she picks a part each moment in her mind and heart..she hangs on to hope..that she can make him love her with her body..that if she gives him the best sex he has ever had that he will see.. he will realize how wonderful and loving she is.. how special she is. He will love her.. he will!!

But after each encounter he feels satisfied that he is in control of the situation..he can keep getting his physical needs met through her if he just keeps dangling hope in front of her like a carrot before a jackass. He feels smug. He goes on with his daily life..and he pursues other women..because he wants the one he can chase.. one that puts value on herself by not giving her power away to him or others.. he has no respect or feelings for his Best Friend With Benefits.

She is left depleted .. empty, lonely and heartbroken. She is frustrated, angry and depressed. Her thoughts center around him, she becomes obsessed with proving the statistics wrong about them.. she is in basically his emotional prisoner.. and he likes the power.

Women.. this message is for you.. STOP GIVING HIM HIS CAKE AND LETTING HIM EAT IT TOO!!!!!

He can’t do this to you if you don’t let him. Your the CAKE.. Make him eat his meat and potatoes first.. even if you sleep with him don’t let him put you here don’t be his prisoner.. WALK!.. WALK FREE..this is the game.. he wants you to believe that because you slept with him you are helpless to his game.. WALK AWAY.


This Best Friends With Benefits exists because women let it.. we have the power to make it stop.

We deserve love, respect and friendship..we deserve his time and affection.. if he can’t give it.. he doesn’t deserve you.

Life is to short to be anyone’s prisoner.

If your in it of the money girls.. money can’t by love.. your his whore and he will treat you like you are paid for.

He doesn’t love you, he will not.. walk away.