Lets start with a joke to get the point across.

Two Southern Bells were having a visit after years of being separated..

The first Southern Bell says ” My man bought me this huge house.. it is so big I can’t find my way around in it.”

The second Southern Bell says ” That’s nice.”

The first Southern Bell says ” We have the best race horses in the County.”

The second Southern Bell says ” That’s nice.”

The first Southern Bell says ” My diamond ring is so big I can hardly hold my hand up.”

The second Southern Bell says ” That’s nice.”

The first Southern Bell says ” what did your husband get you?”

The second Southern Bell says ” He sent me to Finishing School so I say ” that’s nice” instead of FUCK OFF”


I myself would of just went to FUCK OFF.

Society teaches women that we need to be nice to be loved and to be tolerated.. I am not down with that.. even in nature..a real mother gives a smack down when it is needed. Nice women do finish last, they are humored at best and easily forgotten. We are programmed this way so that we can take on all the crap..kinda like ” Hold my beer..will ya” No a bad girl drinks his beer and she speaks her mind..a bad girl gets shit done because she doesn’t waist her time or energy coddling anyone.

People like to get away with shit..the Government likes to get away with shit..if you let yourself be used you will be.. there are many out there that look for nice people to take advantage of..this isn’t to say people shouldn’t be loving or caring .. it is to say you can be that and honestly speak your fricken mind. Truth is a pain in the ass; many don’t want to hear that they are being assholes and many want to blindly follow because it is comfortable to do the same old shit..even if it leads us to nothing but deeper shit.

I am not a lady.. to me ladies behave..they do what is expected of them..they don’t speak out..they do not get angry..they don’t dress sexy.. they coddle and spoil their men and kids..their house is perfect and they don’t like sex or the pretend not to.. I don’t want to behave.. I don’t want to KNOW MY PLACE.

When a man pisses me off he will know..damn strait!

If he is going to lie.. if I can get him to get off his email and off his phone..and stop text messaging me lies.. I will get the coward to lie to my face. I am not a nice girl.

I am not a nice girl because I get mad.. here is a good example of me not being nice.

Mr.B .. from the post ( sweet,sexy lies) ( Love and Lust) and ( And he thinks I am crazy).. wouldn’t lie to my face.. I wanted to confront him.. I wanted the confrontation because I knew he couldn’t lie to my face.. he really was pissing me off..

I text messaged him and told him I was in his parking lot ” I wasn’t” LOL.. so not nice at all!

I told him to call the cops..because I wanted to tell them how he asked me for sexy pics .. lying to me about wanting to be in a relationship to get me to send him pictures.. I did freak him out enough for him to call the cops..but of course he didn’t tell the female cop the entire story..

First it started out with the female cop asking me ” what kind of person tells someone they are outside waiting for them?” my response ” A pissed off person.” and then I told her why.. he had asked her to tell me to take him off the blog.. I told her he was not named and his identity was a secret.. she told me she couldn’t force me to take him off.. I explained to her that he had to stay on the blog because I think if I take him off he will make those pictures public.. I will have no recourse.. it keeps my ass covered ( pardon the pun lol)

I am not a nice girl.. I wanted to scare him to get him to face me..nice girls go quietly. Nice girls don’t fight back.. they play it safe. I never play it safe.

If I was a nice girl none of this would exist… women have got to stop being nice and start getting stuff done.. even in the business world nice girls never get equal don’t have to pretend you just have to stand up for yourself and stand your ground.

Sometimes you have to be a bitch to be heard. Your not really ever a bitch this is just the worlds perception of a woman being strong.

I can be sweet and loving.. I can forgive and be kind..but I will not be used.. I will not be ignored.. I will not be shamed.. I will not be blamed for other’s treating me like crap.. I am not here for that shit.

Tough love is needed just as much as soft love.. when the world is turning a blind eye.. when men use us.. when no one will listen we have to speak to be heard..

I swear because it is my protest against being a well behaved woman.. I swear because nice girls don’t do that.. I swear because it is my freedom.

I rock the boat.. I break out of the box.. I am a very bad girl.