Art Form Of The Female Body

The human body has been seen as a scientific wonder and an art form since the begining of human history… I celibrate this in my boudior photography by posting it on this blog and on my facebook for all to see.. just as I do the rest of my art and my writing.. yet to some I have been judged as a slut or being slutty..and even worse as a prostitute..showing these photographs as a way to lure men and to gain attention in a negative way..

It seems that even though the body has been used to celebrate and to create works of art for hundrends of years..there are still some that still do not grasp or understand the concept..

I think it is a shame that I feel then need to even write and publish this post.. it is a shame that I need to explain any of this to anyone..especially grown and educated adults..

I know there are many people that will read this that don’t need you not only grasp the concept as the body as art but are open and free minded enough to be who you are and express yourself freely..You are the ones who will feel this sense of sadness with me about those who do not understand and can not see the beauty and the freedom in the art form of the human form..

It is a same that we have not come as far as we think in there have been way to many… who have labeled me a slut, a whore, a tramp… and a bad mother for my pole dancing class, bourlesque dance, boudior photography, my writing and my they see my dance and photography as slutty.. my writing as being to raw and real.. and my art taking time away from my children.. or seeing all of my interest and passions as taking time away from my children..

As far as women’s rights, and artistic freedoms..we have not come as far as we think..

I can only hope..that people like me..( there are many ) keep standing their ground and living their dreams and passions.

Were would we be without the freedom fighters.. the councilors, the life coaches, the body builders who see their own bodies as art..and use food and medicine..and physical fitness to scuplt their own form.. were would we be without the perfomers..the artist, the actors, the singers and the dancers… were would we be without those who dare to put beauty into the world..those politicians that dare to change the world for the better like JFK and Martin Luther King?

Were would we be without the spirit of freedom?