I am going to share with you my journey thus far through our Canadian Legal System. I feel as a single mother that I have been continually victimized by this system. I am going to share with you my emails to my lawyer to show you how absolutly frustrating this experience has been for me. First off I approached a lawyer in Vernon that was extreamly cash hungery and I could see as soon as he found out that my ex had all the assets in his name that he was more than willing to jump ship. It was a slow process of manipulation by my ex that made it possible for all of the assets to be in his name. That would take to long to explain. Lets just say that he took advantage of my vulnerability when I was pregnant; by knowing I couldn’t even put up a verbal fight due to the fact that I could miscarry very easily.

To catch you up my ex has made it impossible for me to work or attend College because he will not pay his share of daycare expenses. He replaced a broken down vehicle with another soon to break down vehicle. The title of he house is in his name; he took me of the business accounts ( he was able to do this when we switched banks; I did not have signing authority by Power of Attorney only through the bank.) I was once again pregnant at he time and not able to but up an agument about it because the stress could cause me to loose the baby. I did loose the baby anyway due to all the other stress in our marriage. To get back to the assets he also has three vehicles in his name that are in good working condition. The bucket of dust that he gave me to drive our three kids around in doesn’t even have the winter tires on as he saw fit to just throw them rimmless in the trunk of the hunk of junk. The car looks decent on the outside but he mileage is huge.

This is one of the emails I sent to my lawyer as things started to really fall apart with mine and my lawyer’s relationship:

My Lawyers NAME;

MY EXES NAME..was to pay just over $800.00 in day care expenses the first month that I was in class he only paid $328.00. My sitter sent in what was owning for 2 weeks because she didn’t understand. I then resubmitted to you what was owed. I couldn’t get it before they needed to be paid and it didn’t seem that I could bet anything strait with anyone.I had to pay out what was owning and this has left me very cash poor. (MY EX) has not repaid that money!

I couldn’t get anything consistent from you or his lawyer about when he would pay the rest causing me to have to face the fact that I would have to drop out of classes as I couln’t get any consistant payment. This caused my day care to quit. I had no choice but to drop out.

I have not been able to get anything consistent; no post dated checks and he has not been taken to Family Maintenace, the custody had not been made legal. NOTHING has worked in my favor at all. I have no family to help me and no friends that are close enough to help me wiht money or legal matters. I have been made a victim of by the legal system and the kids are being vitimised with me.

I have done EVERYTHING that I can do in my power to set this on a strait cours and I can not seem to get anywere

It is impossible for me to provide you with anymore money unless you are willing to wait for the sale of the house. I can not work as (MY EX) will not pay for day care I can not have another child in my house under my care as the situation with (MY EX) is so volitile.

It is obvious that I have been put into an impossible situation.

I also need a letter from you that explains to the Registrar of the College why I could not pay for the day care expenses and why I had to drop out so that I can be partially refunded my tuition.

I understand that you need to run a business and you have a family to support. If you can not wait to recieve funds from the sale of the house is there anyway that I could qualify for legal aid? I tried before but I was told I didn’t qualify. There has to be some way we are protected by the law. We have a right to have our rights met.