……Anger and Frustration

I am sure you can guess and understand that my lawyers response really pissed me off. I was very, very angry. I felt like she was goading me on; like she was trying to elicit a response of drama from me. I do wonder if she is trying to clear herself of any wrong doing by tring to get me to respond unhinged and right pissed. Trust me the temptation was hard to pass-up but I think I kept my cool while standing my ground.

This is my response;


It has been an extremely emotional time; if you can not understand that then you can not. I don’t feel that what I wrote to you or to ( THE DIVORCE FIRM ) was inappropriate; I think it was very human. You would think that in your line of work you would have seen this before. I had baby sitters demanding payment that was due them. I had and extremely hectic course load; three children and an ex who was taking my only means of transportation. Worst of all he threatened to take the kids from me and he sounded like he had a plan.

If you and ( THE DIVORCE FIRM ) can not understand how I could break under such stress; well there isn’t anything that I can do about that. I think that under the circumstances I did the best I could and I am doing the best that I can do. I can not apologise for that.

As far as my actions; I do not know what actions you are referring to?

It would be nice to experience some compassion and understanding from you and (THE DIVORCE FIRM) but I suppose this isn’t professional. I do not deserve what seems like your verbal spanking.

I haven’t any emotional or financial support from family. I do not need you or (THE DIVORCE FIRM) coming down on me about my behavior as I find it to be condescending and inappropriate of you to heap more stress on me than I am already dealing with.

Like I said before I wish for you all the best in your practice and your personal life.

Yours truly,


I then went back and looked at the emails I sent them and this is what I wrote to her.


I re-read my emails to you and (THE DIVORCE FIRM); I do not find them to be inappropriate at all. It would do you and ( A MEDIATOR AT THE DIVORCE FIRM) some good to learn some compassion. I am very proud of myself and how well I am holding up given the circumstances. You mistook my apology for weakness. I am not here for you are anyone else to condescend to; I do, as does everyone; deserve compassion and respect. I apologized to you out of respect but I cannot seem to have it returned by you.

All the best,


The cold condescending email I recieved from my lawyer today; yup it screwed up my day! I also had to deal with my ex texting me about the insurance on the piece of crap car he dropped here. He wants me to put it under my ownership. I am thinking WOOPIDY DOO! It just is so scewed up.

My frame of mind isn’t at its best tonight so I will continue on with Chapter 4 tomorrow….