The above video; Carl Jung’s views on death.

The above; last 5 min of Bill Maher’s Movie Religulous.








I think that both of these men are bang on right.. Like Carl Jung I do not believe death is the end.. having experience near death myself.. I never went to heaven and I didn’t go to hell.. of course it could be debated over if I was truly fully dead or not. What I did experience was becoming one with all existence.. even now it is still hard to explain exactly what that means… It was as if I became the energy that courses through everything.. but still I don’t know much past that.. I didn’t see Angels or Devils.. I did feel peace and detachment from any negativity.. but I was not concerned nor was I afraid .. it seemed that I was ego-less in the fact that I did not retain any identity or personality.. I had nothing to cling to nor did I care.. but I still do not know the extent of death and I can factually entertain the thought that this was my dying brain.. but I came away not fearing death but rather looking forward to the adventure of the unknown.. not that I seek my own death out..but I was given the perspective of entertaining many different points of view.. or ideas without having to cling to anything in fear.

I believe that religion is based on fear..and it is the greatest fear-monger.. Bill Maher is correct.. we bring to us what we fear..we fear the unknown qualities of death..we fear the death of the ego..and so it is we let the fear feeding ego drag us to certain death.

The truth is we are GOD.. Humanity and all existence..the universe or universes.. all expansive existence is GOD.. so we are creating our own DOOM…

Like I have said in different post..we are on the threshold of our own destruction.. we wrote every holy book and bible..we are GOD.. Bill Maher is right….. look at our actions due to religion..and accept what we have done in the name of all and every religion or die..we are stupid children.. there is nothing wrong with being child-like and seeking out the adventure of life..but being CHILDISH.. is stupid.

When I watch Bill’s movie I just can not believe the stupidity and childishness of some believers.. I will remain FAITHLESS .. I have no religion.

But I do know my psyche, soul or energy will never be destroyed in death.. I do know there is a creative force in the universe..I do know that we are all that force.. so it is our choice then what we chose to create or destroy..

I do know there is love, I do know that love heals, I do know that we all need love to survive.. and I will always leave myself open to love..if anything can be GOD it is love.. but I do not believe God lives in religion because it promotes hate.

  • Rand

    Your passion draws you to the Nietzschean thought…eternal re-occurrence…your fury is obvious. Too many lives have been wasted and lost in the names of religious institutions…it is childish. Time for the species to grow up, but I fear that isn’t likely. Too many inhale the incense of religion and hold to traditions taught in childhood…it is finished.

    Your conclusion of love is one of the few passages in the bible that have also been put aside. God is love…and we should be too.

    Thanks for the posting.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you for you comment Rand.. it is more passion then fury.. I am stating fact but of course the facts are very horrible indeed.. but I do not think that this human race is finished not until the end has been made clear.. or a new beginning rises from those who become enlightened past religion.

  • Desdevourti

    I am in complete agreement with your post !! Fear of the unknown,fear of death &burning in eternal hell, fear of being shut out of society for being a free thinker or questioning our leaders motives..If everyone understood their greatness and connection to the universe then there would be no way religious leaders could have complete power over man..Unlearning all the religious garbage fed to us since birth is the first step to taking control of that senseless fear and planting seeds of love &oneness with the universe :)

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Yes very well said! I think you sound like a writer :)