Intimacy Through Strength and Sacrifice

Intimacy Through Strength and Sacrifice.

  • Michael McCowan

    One of Jung’s defining insights is Synchronicity- meaningful coincidences, I devoured his readings as a young man- Think Jung was my motto in my undergraduate degree- emulate the best and brightest thinkers- Aristotle and his Magnanimous Man, Loved Jung’s work, as I still do, many great thinkers to read on the higher path of life. Choose wisely my friend

    • Grace

      I don’t know why you are asking me to choose wisely? Carl Jung came to many of his ideas through his own near death experience. He had broken his leg and because of this injury nearly died from the infection.. Even though he was a scientist; he saw and understood the spiritual relm.. this place that is the real reality or (HOME) were we all come from and go back to is a place that is not religious… My writings are not based on religion and I will not say that one is better or worse than the other..I use religion to explain the spiritual as many can only understand it in this way.. ALL IS GOD..GOD iS EVERYTHING.. than GOD is in every religion and every understanding of GOD.. GOD is the I AM.. we give God a name so that in the smallness of our human perception we can begin to grasp the mystery..My writings are going to go deeper than what you have just read.. they have no boundries as the SPIRIT has no limits.. If you need religion to feel safe in your beliefs.. than this might be to much for you perception

      • Michael McCowan

        Oh- I had no interplay with religion at all- I am a random chaos theorist- not everything in life has at its essence meaning- As humans we love to give meaning and explantaion to events, that well may be chaotic in nature. In fact, the random chaos theorist sees the necessity to allow events to unfold as they should, yet realizing free will and choice is constantly in the hands of the individual. Hence, choose wisely- In fact, it is a general principle, not specifically aimed at you. Remember, I am the guy who did free legal counsel for economically challenged, I am the guy who teaches part time at the local Universities here and donates the money back to the students union. And i am the guy who gives 10% of my after tax dollars to charities every year over the past 15 years. And religion or God has nothing to do with my moral/ethical framework. I do the right thing