A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart.

  • Art

    Mister L. da Vinci said he wouldn’t budge an inch he
    Was convinced that someday humans would fly
    He made some little paper aeroplanes
    To show them what he had on his mind
    Even men of learnin’ would have rather
    Seen him burnin’ like the devil
    Or the witch they thought he was
    And to day we fly
    maybe judging people for there creativity is not such a good idea. Just a thought.
    I have them from time to time

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      Yes Art they would really love to burn me.. in ancient times the single attractive woman in the town would be labeled a witch by the other women.. as she was a threat.. due to not having a man.. so they would take her down to the river… tie her arms and legs together.. they would put a stone around her neck.. and cast her in.. then they would say ” if she sinks and dies she is a witch,,, if she floats and lives… than God has saved her.” Isn’t it funny how they all sank.. those damn witches…