A sexy feminist?


Men don’t divorce or separate themselves from their sexuality to be seen as appropriate or professional; actually a man who shows his wealth and financial status by wearing an expensive suit is seen as very sexual and desirable.. not only is he sexual and desirable but he is seen as dependable, dominating, powerful and in control. Men’s sexuality is celebrated by society; no matter what the situation or circumstances a man is in; his sexuality and masculinity are a part of who he is.. and of course there isn’t anything wrong with that.. this is a man walking in confidence and living in his wholeness of who he is.. but for women it is totally the opposite..

Women are not taken seriously if they are sexual or seen as sexy in the office; right away this is viewed as manipulation or attention seeking behavior because women are taught through religion and media that we are responsible for male sexual advances due to the way we dress, by our body language, by our words and actions; making men not responsible for sexual harassment. These attitudes and beliefs have caused rape culture thinking world wide.. and for many feminist to be taken seriously in the male professional world, they have divorced their sexuality.. in doing so they have actually dis-empowered themselves instead of empowering themselves and that is exactly why the feminist movement stalled in the 1970s; because women lost themselves. As women we are still tying to guess as to what he wants; we are still moving in a male world by male rules for the fear of sexual assault and or harassment because men feel and have been taught to feel entitled to sexually harass or assault women who do not follow the dress code or codes of appropriate sexual conduct. Not only do men impose these rules of sexual conduct onto women but other women including feminist impose them onto other women who are misbehaving; as I have been told by other feminist and professional women that I will never be taken seriously by them for being sexual in my book; for being a sexual woman speaking about sexuality.. and that is why Dr. Ruth is to be taken seriously, she isn’t in her sexual prime or being sexual herself.. she is clinical, she has credentials.. but I am a threat. But by women seeing other women as sexual competition or as a threat; they take away the power of the sister hood.. and with that the boys’ club mentality reins supreme in our society worldwide ..as media has induced women to view other women .. as a threat.

The point that I am trying to make is this; until women marry their sexuality the will never be as powerful as men in society; ever! Until women stop playing this stupid social game with men in modern first world countries like Canada.. the undeveloped world will not stand a chance. Women have to make men accountable for their behavior by having the confidence and courage to walk freely in their skin; by not shaming other women; by loving and accepting their bodies, by not comparing themselves to other women; and by not putting up with men comparing them and trading them up.. we are objectified as women because we too objectify each other. Imagine if women united and showed up in the work place as they are; we are not responsible for his inability not to keep his head in his work.. he is responsible for himself.

The reason chivalry died.. it’s because every time a man buys a woman something or does something for a woman he is taught by society that he has some right to her.. he is entitled to her time; energy, or body. The reason it died is because the tables are turning..or leveling out.. but the next big step in feminism is for women to actually be as feminine as they want to be; by that I mean that some women are more masculine.. and by that I mean a woman should be whatever she wants to be..

Divorcing our sexuality so that we can take part in male power based society only gave that more power.. for true equality to happen it begins with authenticity; with the freedom of women being able to be VULNERABLE .. we as women are both strong and vulnerable. The flip side of this.. in an ultra macho society.. men have lost their ability to be tender; to be open and expressive towards tenderness; when women have the courage to make room for this, we are setting an example for male counter parts to also drop the macho hardhearted exterior; to open their hearts as well. Truly our society is actually dying because we are starving for the feminine qualities in our society; we are scorched by over macho-isms .. deadened by it.. how we need the compassion of the feminine.. how we need women to rise up into the fullness of who they are.

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