A Note From The BUTCHER

He has titled it THE TRUTH

Ok being as your being a nasty bitter cunt here’s the truth when you turned up I was very dissappionted, you looked no where near as nice as you did in your pics but, I was feeling very horny and thought, why not so we fucked. Your grown up, you make your own decisions, I fucked you on meeting you, you were more than willing so suck it up butter cup and stop blaming other people for your own guilty feelings. Don’t try to email me, I have you marked as spam.. quite appropriate I think LOL

Chris_p_bacon1 on POF

As you can see he has no remorse or feelings.. he used me just like I said he did.. When he met me he went on and on about how much better I looked in person than I did in my pictures. But like he said he was horny and he didn’t give a shit about me as a person.

Just like the Sharks comments on my post ( Making LOVE Out Of Nothing at all) The Butcher has shown his true self in this message sent to me on POF..Plenty Of Fish.

I was looking for love and intimacy and instead I was emotionally and physically chopped to pieces by The Butcher