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I want my sexy back


It’s ironic.. so ironic.. ya I really do think..

Here I am promoting Goddess work and sexuality..and though the process I have lost my sexy.

Men and women have both drained me of my sexy.

Woman because they get jealous and pissy with another women expressing sexuality because they see it as competitive.

Men because they are overwhelmed by a woman walking tall.. they fear being manipulated by a woman who is comfortable in her I am treated like an oddity..

Being treated like an oddity.. turns me off.

Dealing with so called professional men online has turned me off.. they profess to be about love, courage and to be humanitarians ..when really they just use these as platforms on which to launch themselves into social success.. a total turn off.

People who lie turn me off..the make me cold..not sexy at all.

I find so many professional people do this.. men and woman

Professing to hold a place of non-judgement.. but then they judge..they lie.

I just wish people would be who they say they and online.

I wish the majority of men would stop being such little wimpy boys; and women who see other women as competition would stop being bratty little princesses and grow up.

I am at a loss right now on how to get my sexy back.. I don’t trust anyone right now..not after what I have learned about people.

It doesn’t seem like there is a man enough that is man enough for a strong evolved woman..

Or at least he hasn’t made himself known to me..