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When I started my blog and when I posted my boudoir photography on the blog and facebook it was with the intention of starting a sexual revolution. It was with the intention of helping all women including myself become comfortable in their own skin.

We have been taught to be sqweeky clean.. to be good mothers and nice ladies… basically leave the fun to the men..


You will read peices of writing that I have collected off the net that talk about the SLUT WALK.. the reason for the SLUT WALK is so that women have the social freedom to express their true and raw sexuality.

A woman freed from the bondage of societies expectations of her is a powerful woman.. she is wild,, fun and sexy as hell.

It doesn’t matter your size or your body type race or anything else..what matters is that you love yourself and you love your body.That we as women take the time to take care of ourselves..that we stop the ironing..and the folding..that we go outside and play! Yes we play just like the guys…and we take the time to please ourselves sexually..that we dive right in to our own bodies..

When women tell me that they want to look just like me I tell them ” look more like and celibrate your own beauty”

Take the time to look over your own body..and love the parts of you that are the most sexy.. love your skin.. love your breast, your thighs..and your hips..take the time to put on some make-up just for you.. to look good just for your own individual way.. be all that you can be today and be more of you tomorrow.

Yes I love my body.. I am proud of my curves and my intense sexuality..this is not a act this it truly me.. some wear this as a mask to impress others to get attention to manipulate men and to get a head in the world.. I do not.. I am a hot sexy momma..and so are you..thats my women it has to start with us..if we see each other as competition for men..than we loose our sexy confidence..a confident women can appreciate other women’s beauty and complement them..not call other women down out of insecurity.. we are all beautiful.. in our wild sexy selves.. be your sex-appeal.. love what it does for him.

He wants to see those buttons just a little to low..he wants to see your dress just a little to high up.. he wants to see you look up and not down at the ground..strut your stuff girls you got it going on.. own what God gave you..enjoy sex with out guilt.. ride him until he crys out for help!

Be wild and free.. let the goddess in you get dirty.. naughty and uncontrolled.. take him for a roll in the hay.. just don’t look down on yourself it starts today..

I want you to go and have the same experiance as me; go and get some boudoir photography done..take some burlesque dance or some bellydancing, pole dance.. live in your healthy exercise and be the best and the hottest that you can be..

Touch yourself and explore your body don’t repress you natural sexuality because the world society has tried to keep you in line and under control with the good girl mentality.. its bullshit!

Take back your right..we need to take back our right to be sexy..sweet..sassy and naughty with out being made to feel like social rejects from society..

Our men want it just as much as we do.. most modern men don’t want their wives and girlfriends to remind them of their mothers.. they like girls gone wild..with class..

Nothing raunchy..just fun and free..


most are insecure so they judge and make fun of others to cover up their insecurites.
And by doing this we as human beings feel better about ourselves.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally pejorative and often applied to women as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning “dirty or slovenly.”[1] However some women have demonstrated saying they’re proud of being “sluts”, and have given it a positive connotation.[2][3]
If the kitchen maid’s life was made wretched by the struggle against dirt, the life of the housewife was hardly less so. A woman who didn’t hang out her washing when everyone else did, who didn’t scrub her front doorstep and windowsills, who didn’t scour everything that could be scoured at least once a week, but preferred to gossip with her friends or play with her children in the sun, would also be suspected of being no better than she should be. A man married to a sloven needed to take her in hand if he was not to be generally despised.
Twenty-first century women are even more relentlessly hounded and harassed by the threat of dirt. No house is ever clean enough, no matter how many hours its resident woman spends spraying and wiping, Hoovering, dusting, disinfecting and deodorising. Women’s bodies can never be washed often enough to be entirely free of dirt; they must be depilated and deodorised as well. When it comes to sex, women are as dirty as the next man, but they don’t have the same right to act out their fantasies. If they’re to be liberated, women have to demand the right to be dirty. By declaring themselves sluts, they lay down the Cillit Bang and take up the instruments of pleasure.
Men already enjoy the right to be dirty. In the usual rugby house, unwashed dishes can be found festering under beds as well as piled to chin height in the sink. The rubbish bin will contain an impacted mess of stomped-down rubbish. The lavatory would be only too accurately described as a bog. The filth becomes a challenge; the first man to crack and grab the Hoover is a sissy. In mixed digs in our tolerant universities, it’s the women who are forever cleaning the shared facilities, because the men won’t. The con is a simple one. If you don’t mind that the toilet’s disgusting, then don’t clean it; if you do, then do. Girls don’t have the option of not minding. Dirty house equals dirty woman equals tramp.
If women are to overthrow the tyranny of perpetual cleansing, we have to be able to say: “Yes, I am a slut. My house could be cleaner. My sheets could be whiter. I could be without sexual fantasies too – pure as the untrodden snow – but I’m not. I’m a slut and proud.” The rejection by women of compulsory cleansing of mind, body and soul is a necessary pre-condition of liberation. Besides, taking part in what looks like an endless “vicars and tarts’ street party is not just bad-ass. It’s fun.

I think a “VICARS AND TARTS” party for a charity event in Kelowna B.C. would be amazing.. for raise money for a charity and to loosen up Kelowna..cause damn we need it.. hey I know pole dancers..burlesque instructors..and bellydancers..sounds like a fricken good time to me..

I included these pictures of Sophia Loren..because she is a great example of a women who has it going on.. she is ageless due to her confidence.. she is very good example of a woman who can live in her sexiness..

Sweet, Sweet Lies I tell…

Sweet, sweet lies

they are like candy

they take me away from reality.

Reality can be so cruel

all of the heartache

all of the dreams that don’t come true

the lies, I can hide behind

when the world is so unkind

I am so overwhelmed by the pain

I can get so sad when I think to much

but in the sweet lies I can loose touch

I can hide

He has lived with me there

in a special place in my imagination

there he keeps me safe

here in this place he loves me

In this dream he is all I need him to be

we roam the earth together

friends and lovers

we walk and hand in hand through the sandy shores

Oh this lie it is so sweet

oh this lie, sometimes it’s all I need.

The world can be so unfair

I just need to escape here

away from fear and pain

away from the reality of being alone.

He is with me here

His face changes constantly

he is all the men that I have met

I have made them all into him

but in reality, he does not exist for me

He is just a sweet lie

I wake up all lone

sometimes tears on my pillow

because in reality men have only hurt me

he is just my little sweet white lie.




It seems that as many of us get older we loose our sense of adventure..we loose our wonder.

As we age we loose our edge..we can become complacent..we just accept what is handed to us.

Youth questions everything.. in just finding their wings they have to figure out how it all works, and why it doesn’t work the way they may want it to.

Youth has fresh we age we see the world as we have come to know and understand it..we forget to wonder about the meaning of it all..or even question if there is any meaning to any of it.

At the Mad Hatter Art Exhibit.. I found a breath of fresh air…being youthful at heart myself.. I found myself right were I have been longing for.. WONDERLAND…

The young artist have their hands on the pulse of the world… on the here and the now.

They see and understand that we have been living in an artificial world and that because of it we are slowly killing ourselves..the pieces of art questioned how media effects the way women are viewed by the world and by themselves.. how we are taught not to be comfortable in our own skin..but to attempt to look like a barbie doll or a touched up model on a magazine spread.. the pieces of art touched on nutrition.. how we poison or bodies with artifical food and then we put artifical drugs in our bodies to medicate the sickness that we cause ourselves by our poor nutrition. The exhibit covered our addiction to technology.. how we sit on the computer..text on cell phones.. online date and cook our brains with TV and video games..Then the exhibit covered our emotional state as well.. how we repress our emotions.. how this causes mental illness and depression.. the piont is to ” SAY IT OUT LOUD..WRITE IT DOWN!”.. do it for your mental health..These young artist understand that we are a world living out of balance..we cause our own problems by living in a fake artificial world.. were we are supposed to act and look perfect but we sabotage our own health with the crap we eat.. the things we chose to do with our time.. like sit on our asses and watch TV and play video games..

All of these issues I put forward on this blog.. thats why I was right at home in wonderland..cause I am just like Alice..wondering why people can’t see common sense.. just like the young artist..and other artist and creative people trying to bring about this change.. to make a differance in a postive way.. for the now and for the future.

The piont is … I think that was being made.. WE NEED TO GET OUTSIDE, WE NEED TO GET BACK TO NATURE..WE NEED TO BE REAL.

My children played with the interactive pieces at the exhibit..they were not afraid of the expression..of the playfullness of looking at the world in an entirely new way.

This is the simple truth.. we have concentrated on the destination..we have forgotten the journey.. we have forgotten ourselves along the way.

The adventure is being the real you.. and becoming more everyday.. more and better along the way.

Who knows were we are going.. lets just say healthy along the way..

The way to a new and better world is to be like the youth of today.. look and wonder..ask questions.. make it better.. love change..

See the world with fresh eyes.. and know there is so much more to be discovered..that we just haven’t realised..

Let them show us the New.

Flowing With Change

I am going to drift down the river, I am going to ebb and flow.

I have tried to swim against the tide only to exhaust myself.

I have tried so hard to control everything and everyone.

I have tried so hard but I have only felt myself downing.

I have learned it is so much easier just to go with the flow of life,

I can not fight what I can not control and I can’t control fate.

I am going to float down the river just like a bright red leaf.

I am going to set my worries free as I drift down stream.

I have learned that I only have this moment all else is behind me or a head.

I am going to drift down the river with my arms under my head.

I am going to stare up at the stars and wonder at the beauty that surrounds me.

I am going to watch the sun in the morning light as it sparkles in the water.

I am going to learn how to enjoy were I am.

I will release myself from the past and the people that did not deserve me or me love.

I will leave them behind me as they are already I just didn’t see.

I only have this moment in life I only have what is right infront of me.

I set the others free but in doing so I set myself free to my own destiny.

I will rise and fall with the waters of life and I will change all that I am.

I will become like the water I will never stop exploring life or becoming more of me.

I will adapt as all is fluid in life and I will be free from strife.

All of these pictures were taken by me using my Blackberry Cell.. they were taken in Kelowna B.C. Canada in City Park right by The Grand Hotel


I write to release pain.. I write to let it go.

I write to free myself and others from shame.

I write to walk away from blame.

I write to show that emotions are normal.

I write to help others to see what it means to be human.

I write to bring the world into awareness.

I write to clear away the darkness.

I write it down.. my heart and soul so that you can do the same.

I write it out for all to see..the heart of humanity.

I write for you and I write for me.

I write the worst to get to the best.

I write it out like postcards into nothingness.

I write it down..all of it, all the shit.

I write it all down to get rid of it.

I write for the obsessive joy of it.

I write because I was born to do it.

I write it down to bring in the light.

I write because it just feels right.


I am mad because I am so hurt.. I am mad because I feel like I have been writing for everyone else but me. I mad because I am sick of people telling me who I am.

I am mad at men for only wanting sex and I am mad at those women who hate me cause I look good… I am pissed right off at people for not seeing me.

I am fucking MAD! I am HURT!

Today I am even mad at words because they do not express enough of what I am feeling inside.

I am mad at my sister for stabbing me in the back!

I am mad at other people for doing it to!

I am so MAD!

I am pissed off at people for being so fucking selfish..because I want to write about my heartache.. I want to write out my feelings and post them on facebook..but facebook is just that it is a social mask.. it is fake!

I am fucking mad!

I don’t know some people on facebook are my true friends..but some scare the shit out of me..cause I don’t know were the next knife in the back is comming from…I still haven’t healed yet from the other ones!

So ya I am raw and I am mad!

I am mad that I have to watch my fucking back!

People are so fucking selfish..

Men don’t want commitment…the ones that are single at my age..all they want is sex.. thats it..they are fucking selfish..

I feel so much hate comming my way.. I feel so hated..right now I am crying when I write it.

No one wants someone they know to make a one wants different..

And men don’t want their personal space interupted..

I can’t get anywere in this fucking town..there are no good men..and everyone just wants to be fake.

Everyone wants want women without any problems are responsibility that they could have put on them

And women want MR. Hunky Rich Guy..

Everyone is so fake

I am mad!

You know what I hate about facebook.. is if I post this up on facebook I will get nothing but shit..

“Oh Gracie didn’t write pretty words tonight..Gracie wrote something negative..Gracie isn’t spiritual at all”

Fuck off

Gracie is a human being.. holy fuck imagine that?



Words are so easy..they slip like water off your lips

It’s nothing to say I love you, but I want you show it

Show me love.

Gifts are so easy to purchase

Things can mean nothing, show me in your kiss

Show me love

Not a word needs to be shoken

Not gift not a token

Show me…show me love.

Press your warm bare skin against mine

Run your fingers through my hair

Show me love

Look deep into my eyes to see my soul

Press your lips against mine, make me whole

Show me love

Hold me close against your heart

I will press my ear against your chest

Show me love

Make love to me so sweetly

lets forget about the world

Show me love


I stand here with arms open wide

but in your fear you push me aside

you don’t believe that I am for real

you don’t believe in me,

Yet still I stand with my heart on my sleeve

I stand firm in the light

I wait for you to walk with me here

To face down fear

I love you so

I will never give up hope

this love I give is pure

a simple gift

But still you turn you back on me

But still you reject me

I cry in sorrow

I wish for you

I still stand in the light

I still stand with arms open wide

my heart spilling out the tears

I miss you dear

I will always be here

I will always send you love

Even as you push the gift away

it is yours anyway

I stand here with my heart an open door

I hope one day you walk inside

I stand in the light,

I wait for you.


All my writing and artwork..all my creative ventures are for this reason and this reason alone.. To expose the human soul. We hide behind the social masks..we pretend to be what we are not to please others.. we do it out of shame. We worry constantly about what others think..we fear judgement and punishment by others by being rejected for showing our true face.

If the human race keeps going at this pace.. love will not find away through the walls that we have built up around our own hearts..we have become fake.

It’s just that simple..we have lost our soul.

I expose an example.. I expose all my family crap and flaws as an example..the example of showing my imperfections..

I have even shown all my facebook friend the crack of my ass with my boudoir photography..that was done by Miss Sassy Pants. I show you myself open and vulnerable.. and I have been attacked over an over again for it..but I am still here.. I am still strong.. I have with stood these attacks against the very core of who I am. It has been very painful..but it will be worth it in the end.

I have had people pretend to be my friends only to stab me in the back they think, I think .. I am better than them.. even though I tell others to be their true selves, even though I stress that we are all special and that we all have our God given gifts.

It has been my intention to show you through my example.. courage.. courage inspite of constant personal attack.. yet still others don’t get it..they only see me as hungery for drama and attention.

Life is is life and yours..all life reflects this.

It has been my purpose to expose the soul..the true heart of humanity..


So that we can learn to accept our true selves.. love ourselves so that we can spread that love by loving each other more fully.

I believe that this change is absolutly nesessary for the human race to keep on living.. in our need and wants for fake we are killing ourselves with toxins in are day to day living and with toxic emotions..

Emotions that we pent-up and let fester into disease..we are killing ourselves with fake.

Change is scary..being open and honest is very, very hard..

But the thing is this…we all have to deal with shit….we are more alike than we are different.. it is just that simple..

Don’t you want freedom from the fake mask that society causes us to wear in fear of rejection?

With this mask on you can not find you are not loving all of your true self..the good, the bad and the ugly..but lets not forget the greatness too.. many are afraid to stand out in their own greatness as well..

I find that family members can be the hardest when someone makes huge changes..they remember you and love you the way you are or were..they want you to stay were they are most comfortable knowing you..of course this is their own fear of change.. it is them being insecure..

Those who are afraid to take the mask off..the fear rejection the most..their hearts are the most tender..we must be gentle with our judgment and reaction of them.

I feel this way for my sister… I would not want anyone to hurt her.. but it is her journey..not mine to take for her.

My piont is this.. the heart needs to feel.. to be be honest and open for love to root up and for positive change to happen.

My writing has been to expose the has to start with me first..and then it ripples through.. as change does.